Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Gifts For Horror Fans

Horror lovers are a blast to find gifts for. They can run the gamut from friendly horror like Ghostbusters and Halloween obsession and go as dark as Rob Zombie blood and gore. They can be goth or they can be 80s slasher aficionados. No matter what kind of horror lover you have in your life, I've found some gifts that might work-

Alien Ski Mask (LINK)

Universal monsters nail decals (LINK)

Horror movie collection (LINK)

Tee (LINK)

Singing Monster (LINK)

Alien sweater (LINK)

Ouija Pillow (LINK)

Gargoyle wall hanging (LINK)

Zombie statue (LINK)

Lamp (LINK)

Cthulhu Tree Topper (LINK

Doll head taxidermy (LINK)

Put your face no a doll, mask or Lego (LINK)