Christmas Gifts for Ghost Lovers

It's time to find something for a person in your life who is unique and special. If that person loves abandoned buildings, scary movies, haunted locations, and potential conversations with the other side, then you might want to show them just how unique they are by finding a ghost-themed gift. Here's some suggestions. 

A digital audio recorder to try and capture an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) (LINK)

An infrared light to hook to camera and take nightvision shots (LINK)

Ghost Lights (LINK)

Lego Ghostbusters set (LINK)

Ghost nail stickers (LINK)

Good ghost movie "The Awakening" (LINK)

My 5-star reviewed, award-winning book
Growing Up With Ghosts (LINK)

URBEX shirt (LINK)

AtmosFearFx projection of ghostly apparitions (LINK)

Horror clock (LINK)

Candle Cluster (LINK)

Old Ghost Zinfandel (LINK)

How about a haunted weekend getaway? (LINK)

Told Rush book (LINK)