Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Gifts For Bigfooters

It's that time of year when you want to get a gift for someone special but you always want to show them you understand why they are special. For those of you have loved ones who are Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts, here's some great gifts - 


Stepping Stone molds (LINK)

Bigfoot car air freshener (LINK)

Bigfoot funny caller (LINK)

Bigfoot ornament (LINK)

Bigfoot research kit (LINK)

Bigfoot gift wrap (LINK)

Snake-proof boots (LINK)

Waterproof game camera (LINK)

Portable camp chair (LINK)

Cryptid Pals Tee
Men's Briefs (LINK)

Bigfoot nails (LINK)

Bigfoot Cardigan and sweaters (LINK)

Tee (LINK)

Blanket (LINK)


Necklace (LINK)

The Mysterious Monsters DVD (LINK)

Vintage issues of Argosy Magazine that featured Bigfoot or Yeti inside (warning - these are hard to find which makes them the even sweeter gift)

Best online shop for quality BF'ery (LINK)

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