The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Sticks and Stones

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Visit #33

Sunday, Sept 4, 2016

I arrived at the park at 1:15 PM. The temperature was 92 plus being hot and humid. Rain clouds were developing. I left my vehicle my bike at 1:25 PM and arrived at the 1B entry at 1:35 PM. The following observations were noted upon entry to the walking path towards the pipes.

#1 and #2. On the walking path, a possible ground glyph made with one of my painted blue sticks in combination with other ground sticks.?????

#3. thru #5. The marble which had been left on 'Lil Joe Young's' belly was removed and found on the ground approximately 3' from the tree he was in. ????

#6. and #7. The limbs I left on the pipes from the previous visit were still in the same positions. I left them as they were but added the marble with small sticks around it.

#8. and #9. I added a 'Y' stick next to the tree below 'Lil Joe Young'.

Wow! The mosquitoes were bad! I used a head net, gloves, a long sleeve, thick shirt with turned up collar, and spray. They were swarming. I was torn: I want to there, but I don't. Cold weather couldn't get here quick enough! Okay, I left the pipes and moved to the deeper set-ups at 1:50 PM.

#10. I took the sticks found on the trail and laid them out in my own glyph.

#11. thru #14. At the food bucket, the food had been taken and the wrappers etc., were scattered on the ground.???? The rock was still in the bucket. Possibly removed and put back? Or raised, food items taken out and the rock laid back in the bucket?

#15. I removed the rock from the bucket. These food items were to be added with the bear doll to the bucket.

#16. The food items were put into the bucket. I placed the rock on the food items and added the bear doll on the rock - a tight fit!

#17. The plastic garbage can lid was on the ground.????

#18. The painted white rock was removed from the painted white tire and was on the ground.????

#19. The painted blue ball as face was moved facing down in the tree crook.????

#20. One of the food wrappers was rolled up and placed on top of the painted white tire.????

#21. The painted yellow rock was removed from the top of the painted blue tire onto the ground below the tire.????

#22. The top water meter cover and the painted blue rock were removed from the stack onto the ground nearby.????

#23. and#24. Possible ground glyph laid out under the hanging sheet.????

#25. and #26. More possible ground glyph sticks found near the hanging drawings branch/vine.????

#27. thru #29. I left the basic sticks as found under the hanging sheet but added items to make it look like a stickman.

#30. I put the painted red ball with face into white tire opening.

#31. I found these 2 tires deeper in the woods to the tire has the bush grown up thru the tire. The other was laying close by. I put it into the set-up seen.

#32. I found another possible limbs or sticks glyph while exploring deeper in the woods east of the site.????

A lot of items messed with these past 14 days. I left the site at 3 PM.

#33. and #34. On the way out of the park to the parking area, along the paved trail, this small tree was twisted across the trail.???? I find these occasionally while biking or hiking the trail.

As I look back since embarking on this adventure, I seem to take all this for granted. I do these reports and a lot of the same activities take place over and over. There is an expectation to the interaction/interplay etc. I don't get tired of it. It would be awesome to be allowed to see the other 'party' in person but I don't make it a demand. It's been an interesting 'game' these past 3 years. 

Even though I have not seen a ' Forest Person' absolutely, How many have the opportunity to have this interaction/interplay, I have been able to have to date? I do not go to the site constantly and I have boundaries I try to respect in their habitat. You just don't know what's going to happen next. I like to be surprised with what happens next. I really enjoy not having to travel far to have this in my experience.

This concludes field report #33 for Sunday September 04, 2016.