The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Serious Movement

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Visit #34
Monday September 5, 2016

I did a rare, during the week followup. It was Labor Day and we were off from work, so I took advantage to check out the previous days set-ups, etc. 

I arrived at the park at 11:42 AM. The temperature was 88, hot, humid, with rain clouds developing over the park and immediate area. There was heavy thundering off in the distance. As I left the parking lot at 11:55 AM for 1B it started sprinkling. 

I arrived at the 1B entry at 12:05 PM. There was more heavy thundering off to the SE. At that point, I expected rain. 

When I entered the site, the mosquitoes were swarming to me. 'Ugh!' Then, it started raining but the tall trees around the site kept most of the rain in check. I then made my way to the pipes. Nothing new was noted from yesterday at the pipes.

#1. I added some ground sticks below 'Lil Joe Young'. Also, I used a narrow bone, I painted with blue spots. I stuck it upright among the sticks.

I moved on to the deeper set-ups and noted the following:

#2. Interesting find: The only item removed from the bucket since yesterday was the small torn box of chewy bars and the bear doll. The box and the doll were on the ground with the wrappers scattered.????

#3. The rock was still in the bucket on top of the other food items (peanuts, cereal, fruit, sweet treats). The cereal bag was pulled out past the bucket opening.???? A racoon? A juvenile 'FP'?

#4. The red, painted ball face direction was moved in the tire opening.????

#5. and #6. For the second consecutive time a wrapper was left on top of the tire painted white.???? This wrapper was a chewy bar wrapper.

#7. and #8. The black tire, with 'Clyde' in the opening, was found on top of the plastic garbage can opening.????

#9. and #10. The yellow rock from the top of 'Clyde's' tire was found on the ground near the garbage can.????

#11. and #12. Broken, thin limbs were found laid out near the ground stickman.????

#13. Here are the food items I left yesterday in the bucket.

#14. I put the food items back into the bucket and put the rock back into the opening on top of the food.

#15. and #16. new set-up: I put 'Clyde' sitting in the black tire opening. In his lap is the red ball with face. The bear doll is at his right arm and the large yellow rock is in front of him on the tire rim with his hands touching the rock. I also put a chewy bar wrapper in 'Clyde's' mouth.

#17. and #18. Here are the 2 tires I found recently to the east of this site. Again, one has bushes growing thru the opening. They are probably 100' thru the brush and trees from the site. I stacked in the present set-up. I added the blue and white paint to the black tires. This is my current signature on any old tires I find and set up in a tree crook or in stacks with more than 2 tires found at one spot; especially, along the creek treeline.

At 1:20 PM I was done on the site. I left 1B and walked the east grassy area near the ditch heading south to the creek. From the 1B entry, I began walking south. I was close to the old 1A entry when I found 2 possible ground stick signs, plus a broken branch stood vertical near the treeline.

#19. Possible stick sign #1.???? Further out on the grassy area.

#20. Possible stick sign #2.???? Just outside the treeline in the grass.

#21. A broken limb stood vertically near the 2 possible stick signs.???? The top was jammed into low hanging branches.

#22. and #23. I put a ball and feather at the junction of the sticks.

#24. I put a small, orange ball on a small stick and stood vertical at the junction of these other 2 sticks.

After observing the above, I moved to the junction of the ditch and creek. I moved east along the North side of the creek. I began to find items along the creek and treeline and decided to use some as markers of my movement along the creek. This was also a sign to any 'FP' of my movement along the creek and treeline.

#25. and #26. I found this black tire inside the treeline. I painted my signature (blue and white paint marks) on the tire and jammed into a small tree crook approximately 4' off the ground.

#27. and #28. Moving further east, I found this plastic garbage can lid. I painted it and put it also into another tree crook.

#29. thru #31. I found this small log section jammed into a bush several feet off the ground.???? My last hike down the creek, this was not in the bush. As mentioned a while back, the woods on both side of the creek have been cut back approximately 20' from the creek. There are many short sections of logs in piles just inside the treeline as far as I have hiked to date. I took the white spray paint and put 'eyes', 'nose' and 'mouth'.

#32. At a point on the hike, I walked deeper into the treeline. found a small gourd. I painted blue 'eyes', a blue 'nose', a blue 'mouth, and blue 'ears'.

#33. and #34. I found this hub cap along the treeline further down the creek. I painted it in blue and red spray paint and hung as a travel marker along the creek.

#35. and #36. I went further east along the creek. I found this water meter cover in the treeline. I used white spray paint and painted the face and cross on it. This marked my limit for today's hike along the creek. I turned around at this point and headed back to 1B.

#37. I made it back to the pipes. I added this blue painted limb near the storage pipe.

I felt like I had done plenty today. I left the site at 2:25 PM.

This concludes field report #34 for Monday September 05, 2016.

**Tomorrow begins a new exciting series "Clan of the Cave Warrior" - the adventures of a spelunker/explorer and the beautiful and chilling finds he comes across**