The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Lots of Manipulation

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3

Field Visit #31
August 13, 2016

I arrived at the parking lot 2:40 PM. Temperature was 95 and humid. The sky was overcast with possible thunderstorms heading this way. I got the backpack loaded and was ready to ride my bike to 1B. I left my vehicle at 2:50 PM and arrived at the pipes approximately 2:58 PM.

The set-ups left on all 3 pipes were as I left them previous. Nothing seems to be moved, etc. My plan this trip was to move most set-up items to the trees with tires. All the balls not used for set-ups were going to be located in the plastic garbage can at the trees.

#1. The 'Little Joe Young' doll with marble and bone piece I left in the tree crook near the storage pipe.

#2. and #3. Looks like the trail sticks signs w/ rocks have moved.????

#4. thru #6. At the food bucket, the wrappers form opened food items scattered over the base are of the bucket tree.????

#7. The food items were taken from the bucket. The large rock was left in the bucket after food items were removed. ????

#8. The food items for the bucket.

#9. I re-stocked the bucket with the food items and put the rock back in the bucket over the food items.

#10. The blue painted ball with face was removed from the tree crook and was now on the ground.????

#11. The 15 lb. kettle bell was removed from the top of the tire painted yellow and was on the ground near it.????

#12. One of the water meter covers was off the stack and leaning against the rest.????

#13. The folded ground sheet had some of the balls moved.????

I removed the three balls buckets and took them home. I took all the balls and put them into the plastic garbage can container.

Photos #14 thru #25 were different set-ups added.

#14. and #15.  I added the kettle bell on top of the painted red tire.

#16. I hung drawings sheets from the low vine.

#17. I removed the balls from the ground sheet and added the blue ball w/ face within a square of 4 sticks.

#18. On the painted white tire w/ painted red streaks, I added the painted white rock on top.

#19. On the tire painted blue w/ painted white streaks, I added the painted yellow rock with painted blue spot.

#20. On the black tire, I put another rock on top.

#21. I re-stacked the water meter covers among the small bushes/trees. The larger stack has the painted red rock on top. The smaller stack has the painted blue rock.

#22.. I placed one of the painted yellow tire in the tree crook close to the ground. This tire has no rim. I put another painted white rock on top of this tire.

#23. This photo shows were most items are presently.

#24. and #25. The other tire with rim, painted yellow with green streaks, I put into another tree crook just a ways from the main tires. I added a painted blue rock on the top of this tire.

This was the extent of today's visit. I left the site 4:10 PM.

This concludes field report #31 for Saturday August 13, 2016.