The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Foraging

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3
Field Visit #32
Sunday August 21, 2016

I arrived at the park approximately 4:18 PM. The temperature was 87, cloudy and very humid. At 4:26 PM, I left my vehicle with the bike and arrived at the 1B entry at 5:05 PM.

#1. thru #5. At the pipes, I found the following limbs/sticks laid out. ???? These did not come from any above trees.

#6. thru #8. I laid out the limbs/sticks onto the pipes.

'Lil Joe Young' doll still as I left it previous in the tree crook. Also my items left in the storage pipes as I left them previous.

I left the pipes and moved to the deeper area.

#9. thru #11. As usual, the food items were taken from the food bucket and wrappers left on the ground.???? The blue rock left in or put back into the bucket.????

#12. Next food items for the bucket.

#13. I put the food items into the bucket and added the rock on top of them.

#14. & #15. At the tires trees, 'Clyde' left in the tree crook upright last visit, was now leaning back in the limbs.????

#16. thru #18. I moved the blue ball to the white tire opening. I moved 'Clyde' to the black tire opening. I re-hung the ground sheet over some vines.

#19. & #20. I found one of the tennis balls approximately 50' from the balls container. ???? Was it taken and left for me to find?

#21. I took the ball and placed in on the bucket in front of the water container.

#22. The upside down plastic garbage container. I have filled the container with found balls and plastic items. Hopefully, some of the items will be removed and used in setups to me.

I finished with this visit. I left the site at 5:45 PM.

This concludes field report #32 for Sunday August 21, 2016.