The Urban Sasquatch Journal: The Clyde Attraction

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3

Field Visit #35

September 10, 2016

I arrived at the park 9:10 AM. The temperature was 81 and humid. The area including the park received a heavy rain yesterday afternoon. I dreaded thinking about the mosquito swarming I would encounter. 

Upon arriving, I loaded my backpack and began the bike ride over to 1B. I planned on doing more experiments and more new set-ups. 

At 9:30 AM, I left the parking lot for 1B. I arrived at the entry 9:40 AM. I parked my bike inside the treeline and headed to the pipes. When I reached the pipes I did my customary 3 tree knocks, whistles, flute notes and calling out my name.

Here were my observations:

#1. and #2. The marble was on the ground. ???? It had been on pipe #2 as a part of the limb's set-up the previous visit. Maybe the yesterdays rain and wind caused the marble to be on the ground?

#3. and #4. I removed the remaining limbs from pipe #2. I put the soccer ball with painted red 'eyes', 'nose' and 'mouth' on top of pipe #2. I also added the marble to the top of the ball. around the marble I put 4 small sticks to hold in place.

At this point, I moved to the deeper set-up area.

#5. thru #8. As I walked the path to the deeper area, I noticed what could possibly be a stick sign or ground glyph. ???? Again, maybe the rain and wind from yesterday could have caused this but I have doubt. It included just a few sticks and the pattern was familiar. I went ahead and removed the sticks to the side of the path. Close by the path are piles of limbs and sticks. These I have moved off the pass to keep it clear.

#9. thru #14. At the food bucket, the rock was now on the ground surrounded by many food wrappers. ???? The only item not eaten was the potato. In photo #11, the cereal box was flattened and the gray inside of the box now outside. Very interesting.

I took the time at this point to pick-up all the trash.

#15. The empty food bucket.????

#16. Food items to be replenished into the bucket.

#17. Some of the water meter covers were off the main stack.???? Maybe they slid off on their own?

#18. I gathered all the water meter covers and stacked them in one spot. I moved the yellow tire on top of the stack. On the tire top, I added 2 rocks.

#19. I took the uneaten potato and put it on top of the white tire.

#20. The red ball with face has been moved off the set-up from 'Clyde's' lap onto the path approximately 7' away. ????

#21. The bear doll was found body down on 'Clyde' and 'Clyde's' arms have now been stuffed down inside the tire.????

#22. The distance of the red ball from the tire set-up with 'Clyde' can be seen.????

I wondered what happened to the chewy bar wrapper I stuffed in 'Clyde's' mouth last visit? I looked around the immediate area and couldn't see it.

I decided to do a different set-up with 'Clyde'. I removed him from the tire. Wow! I had to laugh. The wrapper was on the ground under his butt. ???? It was removed form his mouth and placed under his butt. LOL! Trickster!

#23. The chewy bar wrapper inside the tire on the ground.????

#24 Another quick change. I removed the majority of water meter covers for the following set-up.

#25. This set-up will be used to put: watermelon, cantaloupe, fruit, larger food items. on the water meter cover base inside the tire rim opening. I use for this set-up, a base of 4 red water meter covers, the tire with open rim, the plastic garbage can lid and 2 large heavy rocks to hold the lid in place.

#26. thru #28 The bucket at the base of the food bucket tree, will be used for deer corn, unshelled corn-on-the-cob, mineral and salt blocks.

#29. I put the red ball with face in the crook of 2 vines at the hanging sheet. 

#30. I put 'Clyde' into the white tire opening. On top of the tire I added 2 rocks, yellow and blue. I already added the potato earlier. 

#31. I moved the blue ball with face into the tires trees into a tree crook. I put the yellow rock on top of the ball.

#32. I put the white rock on top of the blue tire.

#33. I put the bear doll into this tree crook.

I left 1B and did a walk down the creek to the east. I didn't go far today. I did photo an few item of interest to me.

#34. and #35. Across the creek on the south side, I saw this rock with what looked like a flat item on top of the rock. It looked unusual so I took the photos. How did it get into this position?

#36. I hauled one of the cut up logs from the creek treeline back to the pipes. This will be used in future set-ups.

I left the site at 11:50 AM.

This concludes field report #35 for Saturday September 10, 2016.

**Tomorrow on GHT is another installment of Clan of the Cave Warrior involving a possible government program studying Bigfoot for many decades**