Quantum Spaces: Understanding "Trapped" Spirits and the Human Mind's Hidden Jewel

This post is extensive with links for those who wish to research further. I've come to some simple and yet astonishing conclusions that might make a lot of things about man's existence line up and make sense. This is going to be a wild ride, but I know my knowledgeable readers are going to enjoy this one.

After many years of investigating and growing up in a very actively haunted home, I have been fascinated with studying what sets off and quiets down activity.

One thing I have come to study is the phenomena of "trapped spirits," as people often wish to call those who linger in a location after life. I have come to the conclusion that we are seeing this from the wrong perspective; that of mortals instead of separate worlds coexisting in the universal playground called life in all its forms. 

We are both skimming the skin of separate realms; one ruled by time, physicality and mortality and the other timeless, eternal and omnipresent.

Upon occasion, I listen to an EVP where the speaker from the "other side" sounds confused or baffled, speaking out loud to a voice he or she hears. This has made me wonder about the sort of thing the premise of the movie "The Other" was based upon. Where we may see, hear or feel one, their soul might recognize the presence of another soul unaccounted for in their universe. Hence, we are ghosts to each other. 

I had my first grasp of this as a child when I passed down the hallway and knew I just grazed something. I stopped and turned and I felt as if too stopped and looked back. Were we haunting each other?

I like to call this phenomena of confused intelligence "quantum spaces." It is as if we are sharing an alignment where what happens in one realm occurs to the other simultaneously (more on this later). 

Here's an interesting and personal example - 

My sister Tina (bride)

Sometimes, you get chills in this field of research. Sometimes, the chills are close to home.

My family made a vow to haunt our childhood estate, a 250-year-old Northern Virginia home that was used as a Civil War hospital and was very actively haunted. My parents, sister, brother, and our best family friend, a George Mason University professor, who lived at the end of our driveway in a campus house all passed on vowing to be there. 

My sister Tina (bride above) had her reception in our boxwood maze out back in the mid 1970s. Her favorite place on the grounds was the center of the front boxwood maze. She used to watch for the deer to come graze and suntan there. 

Before she passed, she said she would haunt it there. I never told anyone ever the location she vowed to haunt. I thought that keeping that close the vest, should something happen at the estate in present day, I could verify where she was seen, heard, or felt. 

I wrote about the vow my family made in my book "Growing Up With Ghosts." The final chapter was all about this.

Some people today have seen a woman in a white gown in the front boxwood maze center on the grounds. Upon looking through my book that was handed to them, these individuals both pointed out my sister who passed in 2005. 

She is, I guess, officially a lady in white

That is just what she would have wanted with her romantic soul. 

This reinforces a concept I have about quantum entanglement. No, her spirit wouldn't have to necessarily be tied there forever, but perhaps she left a bit of her spirit there, as if a soul can tag itself anywhere during the mortal time here to be tied to locations everywhere they have been. 

You see, we think in terms of our own 3D reality - one person, so we assume one soul. Soul is not something you can place like an object. It is an energy. It is everywhere....

Here's another example - 

Walter Rawls, was an expert in the study of magnetism. He wondered about the use of a magnet on the brain. So, he went about taking a powerful north pole magnet cylinder and putting it in a mask that held it to the center of the forehead, in the region where the pineal gland "third eye" is located in the brain. 

Some consider the pineal gland to be the seat of psychic knowledge. It is a gland that is connected to the visual cortex so that when light goes down, it knows it's night and helps to activate the release of the hormone melatonin that allows us to fall asleep. It also contains a bit of magnetite and that is believed to work as an internal compass of sorts. This tiny rice-sized gland floats in cerebrospinal fluid. What would that magnetite do when exposed to a magnet on the forehead? Hmm....

(LINKWithin the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter... 

Interestingly, by the third week, the researcher looked up from his desk to see the wall dissolve away and he saw that ghostly man sitting under a tree with a woman. The man looked up and saw Walter and looked shocked.

I have often suggested that perhaps it isn't that a place is particularly haunted on a given investigation night, but that the participants in research are affected by some momentary forces that allow them to perceive a haunting more readily

In Walter's case (above), he managed to heighten his abilities with the use of a magnetic, but what might something like a geomagnetic storm do to the pineal gland and perceptions? It has been studied that dreams are more vivid during geomagnetic storms (the earthly reaction to powerful solar flares). 

A psychic might be able to read such things no matter the conditions, but the average untrained individual might need a boost of sorts from something as simple perhaps as geomagnetic activity.

Now, let's talk about quantum entanglement - 

Many times, when someone passes and the dead visit relatives, they are seen by several relatives in different parts of the world at the same time. 

Do ties between us keep us accessible in many locations at the same time? 

Physicists discovered quantum entanglement. It is a situation where two particles are related and when they are separated, even by great distances, what happens to one, happens to the other simultaneously.

If the universe involves this kind of quantum "serendipity" then perhaps we are tied, existing in many planes, times, locations, and situations. We can all get news that Auntie Marcia passed and in a quantum way we all react simultaneously to her spirit's calling or us calling her spirit. 

Twins are often reported to have a quantum entanglement with feeling illnesses at the same time and saying the same thing at the same time. Such programming might be at the genetic level, but also encouraged by a spiritual binding. After all, if identical twins split from one fertilized egg, perhaps in a way their very souls are forever entangled. 

Taking these concepts of increased perception of "other realms" further, did ancient man have ready access to this "switch" in the brain due to conditions upon earth that allowed them to magnetically be more stimulated? Did this create the amazing cave drawings and spiritually based art and odd inspirations that we want to call "alien influence"? 

Is this art really a manifestation of other beings that were easily seen and perhaps even interacted with as Walter Rawls did with the ghost having the picnic outside? 

If this were combined with more right brain usage by them, they would have lived in a world that was readily enchanted by the other side all the time. This would have been the world of interactions with "gods" all the time. When anthropologists like to explain unusual findings in the past as "spiritual," they may be hitting an important message - man encountered and recognized spirit regularly. 

It's not that we don't have spirits here, we simply don't perceive or interact with them because conditions on earth or perhaps our own evolution make the pineal gland difficult to stimulate. This would mean that some of the hormones we put out in our bodies that are hallucinogenic like DMT actually give us access to that realm and are in our bodies for a reason. 

Perhaps the indigenous people who take hallucinogenic drinks and smokes to have "vision quests" already know that with the right stimulation we see all the worlds. 

Let's also consider this

One hundred thousand years ago, Earth's magnetic poles shifted (LINK). What did this do to the minds of man at that time? If we are currently in preparation for another shift, would that cause us to be experiencing more "psychic" and "visual" perception of the "others"? 

I get chills when I consider this because as I write about this past vision of the world, I am reminded of what I was shown by the alien grey that visited the last time. At that time, information was uploaded into my mind in a kind of zip file that took a day to fully unfold and understand. I wrote about it in my Kindle book "My Alien Encounters.

I was shown a world in the past where man readily interacted with the other realms but it was closed down to allow us to see the world as only what we experience in this 3-dimensional mortal form. We get glimpses now and then of the other realms, but they are watching our reactions. When visited by this grey of my childhood, I was told my mission - to find the schism between the worlds and open and close the door at will in front of witnesses. This was not told to me in words, simply knowledge that I interpreted readily. 

I realize now that this very post puts me a step closer to this directive. I have always had a hard time with the encounters with greys because of a very practical skeptical nature, but the encounters were absolutely real and I accounted for them as a witness and archivist in my book so that any clue or detail could be gleaned to help us understand the phenomenon of what I consider - not people from outer space but from shared space. (Now, look at the cave art above again)

Can ghosts and aliens be thrown into the same pot - as parallel world occupants? I believe this almost certainly. 

When you stand outside at night and look at the distant stars and wonder what is out there, you are only considering space and objects, a perspective of here and there. That, however, may not be where the great mysteries lie. They may lie in all the matter that makes up the universe and not a place so much as a current that runs through all life. This would not be fixed, but fluid; without location, time, or attrition. 

And our brains hold the key to the wonders of the universe, but not necessarily in a laboratory or a Hadron collider, but in the proper alignment of elements that affect our mind and allow us to see it all as if we put on 3D glasses and saw a 2D screen cast images into our space....

Perhaps Carl Sagan (below) described it best. Imagine if you will that you and I are like the 2D world being interacted with by the 3D world. Now, you can imagine how we are when a higher dimension interacts with us - seems like magic and all we can perceive is that within our dimension's boundaries.

This also points out that our focus on location is from a limited 3-dimensional perspective, as the 2-dimensional being could not imagine depth. Still, upon occasion, we glimpse the other side, just as the 2D image might glimpse our finger upon their flat surface, but only be able to register the width and length and not the depth....


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