Clan of the Cave Warrior Series

Upon occasion as a researcher, I run into the real deal; a researcher who has integrity, experience, respect and intelligence. I was very lucky the day I ran across Ken Gentry and came to know the unbelievable depth of his knowledge and experience.

Ken Gentry is one of those rare men whose entire life led him to the obvious conclusion. Ken’s father was a researcher and historian and his family lineage includes surveyors with very practical techniques and love for the great outdoors. Ken’s family helped form his ethics and his commitment, his knowledge, and his resolve to stick to what he starts, even if it’s like unraveling a string that leads to an endlessly replenishing ball of twine.

He is an explorer, a maverick, an archivist of planet earth.

A new series called “Clan of the Cave Warrior” begins next Wednesday on Ghost Hunting Theories. This will chronicle many amazing finds, adventures, insights about the natural world and the unnatural world, as well as many encounters with cryptids and other mysteries upon and under the earth.

Cue the underground music -