Case Files Week: Revisiting the Edgar Cayce File

I'm starting off the case files week on GHT by discussing the prophet and healer, Edgar Cayce. The goal is to open up this case of extraordinary claims and consider all sorts of possibilities as to how and why he came to be known as the sleeping prophet


Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Edgar Cayce had a nondescript early life, only being able to afford to go to ninth grade. He studied the Bible daily. 

At one point, he lost his voice. A stage healer offered to hypnotize and heal him, so he accepted. When he was in trance, he could speak, but not out of trance. So, the stage healer tried to make it so he could speak any time, but still he could only speak in trance. 

Although the hypnotist left town, Cayce continued to work with a local one who told him in trance state to describe his ailment. Strangely, Cayce described his illness in first person plural, saying "we" instead of "I." Eventually, he healed himself in trance state.

He went on to do healing readings for others in his town. He was able to work in the healing position the rest of his life. His wife and son sat in as the hypnotist for him. He became more and more popular and well known.

He said that he accessed the Akashic records (an etheric body of all universal knowledge). He often read past lives and spiritual aspects, as well as physical.

He spoke of Atlantis often and suggested that there were soul entities on Earth that were created when souls came to earth and laid down with animals to produce giants as tall as 12 feet (nephilim?).

He went on in detail about how Atlantis was destroyed by volcanic and earthquake explosions that came happened on three widely spaced occasions; 50,700 BC, 28,000 BC and 10,000 BC. The Atlanteans were forewarned enough to get out and flee to parts of the globe where their influences could be seen today, such as pyramids in Central and South America and Egypt.

Those members of the Law of One (those in Egypt who believed in one god) who had remained uncorrupted - took charge of arranging for the 'transportation' of those Atlanteans who were 'allowed' to leave. The Law of One (LINK) also ensured that the records of knowledge and understanding were 'hidden' in the Sphinx and certain precautions were activated to make absolutely certain that these records would not be re-discovered for many thousands of years until the time was 'right'....

Was Cayce a prophet? The sad thing about such amazing talents is that during their own times, people are afraid of something new and novel. They don't pursue it until later on when in retrospect their work was exceptional and by then, the moment of action is gone. Luckily, Cayce had a stenographer and kept massive records. He can be respected for opening our minds and our concepts of time and Akashic records.


There are a fair deal of people with near-death experiences, head injuries, and serious illnesses that come back with savant talents in music, amazing fact memorizing abilities or even psychic skills. 

The John Travolta movie, "Phenomenon" posed an interesting concept - a man suddenly has knowledge and abilities that utilize all of his brain's capacity. But what is at work there?  

In the case of the movie, the man had a brain tumor and it affected him by basically freeing him up to make all the connections within. 

Can trance state or head injury create increased connections, new avenues that weren't there before? 

We all have basically the same brain structures, but the connections and what areas of brain are our focus determine special talents, intelligence, and creativity. The activation of lesser utilized regions or improvement in function or focus, could all affect a person's skills, talents, ability to absorb new knowledge and apply it, as well as creativity. 

Intuitive insight comes from a shift in focus. Some of the best life coaches have a way of taking life and simplifying it to the basic facts that inspire us and give us insight. It seems like a magical talent, but it is one honed from processing information effectively. If you've ever sat down with someone who memorized sports stats, you know how magical that ability seems.

There is a whole new age culture built around Edgar Cayce's readings. There is an Edgar Cayce Association too (LINK) where they teach techniques and discuss the readings he had done. Can a person suddenly make a gateway to talk to and receive information from other entities in the universe that carry information? Can a person perhaps tap into the universal knowledge referred to as the Akashic Records (LINK)? 

Cayce predictions that came to be (LINK): Cayce predicted much about the finding of Dead Sea Scrolls, the coming Great Depression, WWII and even advanced in health care based on the ability to observe factors in blood. 

Cayce also was able to discover medical issues in customers while he was in trance, and to tell them of treatments although he and no medical background. He also advocated the use of healing stones for their energy properties. 

(LINK) Edgar Cayce predicted that on one of the Caribbean islands, being the remnants of Atlantis, a blue stone of Atlantean origin would be found with extraordinary healing attributes. In 1974, Larimar was found in the Dominican Republic.

Sometimes, when a person is intuitive, we see them as having "other" knowledge from a universal or spiritual source. This is how many prophets, religious leaders, and charismatic leaders have managed to capture audiences for good or evil, depending on the ego of the idol. We have seen cults, mass suicides, as well as humanitarian rescues, and a wide variety of positive and negative energy within large populations of people motivated by some motivating inspiration. 

Whether Edgar Cayce had an unusual connection with the Divine or he was insightful and compelling, his teachings gave hope and helped to guide people to seek answers from the universal pool of knowledge known as the Akashic Records. There are many ways this man could have used his skills, but it would appear that one by one he helped individual clients and on a larger scale, impressed us all with his prophetic insights.


1. An illness or mental difficulty created new use of the brain to focus on the more esoteric matters than logic.

2. The use of hypnotic trance opened a man's mind to a greater source of knowledge than the conscious mind can render, such as the state of dreaming.

3. Followers of Cayce's work have bloated the memories of it and interpreted it to suit new age industry.

We may not be able to close the case on Edgar Cayce, but much mind expansion has occurred because of his readings and the impression that he left. One thing we all know is that ultimately the only thing we leave behind is the impression we made. And, Edgar's was quite significant.