Thursday, November 10, 2016

Alaska's Pyramid

When we think of the great state of Alaska, we think about snow and streams with enormous salmon, great bears, and rising peaks. One thing that would not come to mind is an ancient pyramid. So, why are there claims that one exists there?

Linda Moulton Howe, a respected researcher of the unexplained, was the first to bring up the subject of a pyramid in Alaska. The pyramid was reportedly found when Chinese were surveying the earth for electromagnetic anomalies in the early 1990s and it was located because it put out a massive electromagnetic signal similar to other pyramids. (LINK)

This pyramid is said to be buried and to be larger than the Pyramid of Keops. The entire region where this pyramid is found is referred to as the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle because of missing people and other oddities reported there.  Location is said to be 63°17’51.40″N 152°31’24.49″W (I've tried it on Google Earth, but the entire area is blurred - I have put dots to show the basic outline).

Information on whether this is exists, on the ground reports, and details are all lacking in this case. There certainly is an interesting shape on the ground, but what can we discern from that? Not much! There are lots of interesting shapes on the land around the world but it takes boots on the ground to really break through speculation and find out what is there. 

The region this is in and its reputation for UFOs and missing people certainly is intriguing, but it will take researchers on foot to uncover what this structure is that shows up on Google Earth and supposedly puts out a strong geomagnetic output.

We can speculate a good deal as to who built it, when and why. It is believed to be ancient and it would have to be, as something in this remote a location would have been talked about as it would have taken lots of workers trying to import parts and construct, enough to warrant roadways in and semi trailers. It is also worn down and buried which makes one believe lots of sheets of glacial ice have covered it and retreated over many thousands of years. 

But, if it were that old, it presents an interesting dilemma - construction during an ice age would have been quite daunting to even modern machinery. To many, this leaves three options; aliens, Hollow Earth people creating some kind of semi-surface base, or an ancient people who constructed many megalithic structures around the world that had advanced knowledge of how to do so.

Any way you look at the mystery of the Alaskan Pyramid concept, it's a very puzzling challenge.

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