Werewolf Transforms Before Congregation! New Real Accounts Book Relelased

A new book from one of my favorite monster researchers just hit the shelves!

Linda Godfrey, known lovingly by the community of researchers as the Dogman expert, has just released a book I've been waiting for about all the cryptid oddities in the woods including phantoms and portals!

MONSTERS AMONG US: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena (A TarcherPerigee paperback, on sale October 11, 2016) byLinda Godfrey, one of America’s foremost authorities on modern-day monsters.

This chilling collection of astonishing first-hand accounts includes reports of:

· A woman’s transformation into a wolf-like creature – in front of a church congregation of 200

· A nearly transparent, 8-foot creature – seen by nearly fifty people in one community

· A four-hundred-pound creature emerging from a portal – in front of a pair of scientific investigators

Analyzing each occurrence through an objective lens, Godfrey explores all possible explanations and analyzes factors impacting the environment, witnesses, and location. Utilizing logical, scientific, and imaginative concepts to elucidate these truly baffling accounts, Godfrey provides readers with the tools to draw their own conclusions and to reexamine their own understanding of the world around them.