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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Dark Figure, Crows, Odd Footprint and an Ambush Blind

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3
Field Visit #28
Sunday July 31, 2016

I got an early start on this visit. I got up at 5:30 AM and prepared to go to the park. I began loading everything to take with me. It was dark and so warm this early in the morning. The temperature was 80, humid and I was sweating like crazy. It was going to be another 'scorcher.'

I finally left my house around 6 AM for the park. I arrived at approximately 6:18 AM. For a change, the park gates were open before 7 AM. 

Dawn was approaching. The sky along the east horizon was dark. Rain would be approaching later from the east. Also, in a clear part of the sky to the east there was a neat crescent moon. Upon arriving, the temperature was still 80.

I was prepared to bike straight to 1B. I made multiple trips to take new items in and old items out. At 6:28 AM, I was ready to bike to the site. 

I arrived at the site entry 6:35 AM. I unloaded my pack into the top storage pipe and headed back to my car for another load. Before going I did my standard blowing the whistle, called out my name and did 3 wood knocks: All this to note my arrival to the area. 

At 6:45 AM, I was at the car getting another load for my pack. I left the parking area and made it back to the site approximately 7 AM. The sun was now higher and the woods clear to see thru.

After removing the pack and items, I began to make the following observations w/ photos:

#1. thru #3. At pipe #1, the rock and twigs have been spread-out on the pipe. The marble was on the ground, on the west side of the pipe. ?????

#4. and #5. On pipe #2, the balls are still in the same spots but the sticks have been moved.????

#6. and #7. At pipe #3, one stick from the previous set-up was now on the ground. Another stick was moved around. ????

Around the pipes, I have been keeping limbs and sticks clear of the immediate spot but more keep appearing. ???? Maybe the wind is bringing more off the trees, but it doesn't seem like it. They seem to come from the limbs and sticks from stick piles on the ground off the path/trail. Here were two.

#8. Limbs on the east side of pipe #2. ????

#9. Limbs on the north side of the pipes. ????

At pipe #4, the previous visit set-up looks the same and not bothered.

#10. At pipe #1 a new set-up looking from west to east.

#11. Same as #10 looking from east to west.

#12. At pipe #2 anew set-up looking from east to west.

#13. Same as #12 looking from west to east.

#14. and #15. At pipe #3 a new set-up with sticks and have added a ball. Both photos looking from north to south.

#16. I moved 2 larger limbs to the pipes. One is vertical, the other horizontal. Maybe they will be moved.

While at the pipes, I heard possible steps off in the distance. Possible limbs, sticks, ground clutter snapping and crunching.????

I considered bringing the 'little Joe Young' doll from the deeper area to the tree crook near the storage pipe. The Monkey doll was last in this tree crook when it disappeared from the site. I have never discovered were it may be. 

I had my bionic ear and parabolic dish with me. I listened for awhile but their was too much vehicular noise from the surrounding highways. I put the bionic ear and parabolic dish away. 

At 7:45 AM, I left the pipes area and moved to the deeper set-ups area. When I got into the spot, something took off moving to the east from NE of me. It was a dark figure. I got just a glance. Then to my south more movement. Deer? hog? I don't know but the movement of both was not far. When I have fast movement that ends up not going far, I typically speak out, 'I'm here as a friend and no need to run off'. After this took place, I made the following observation in the deeper area:

#17. The rock has been removed from the food bucket and the antler left hanging on the bucket was also on the ground. ?????

#18. The comb which also was hanging from the bucket was now on the ground among the food wrappers, etc. ????

#19. All the items seen in an overall view.?????

#20. I had this drawings folder attached to nail on the side of the food bucket tree. Part of the edges have been ripped from the folder.????

I decided to remove the beads, name letters, etc. from the bucket and tree.

#21. and #22. New: 2 limbs laid out like an 'X'. ????This was between the food bucket tree and tires tree. I'm not sure what to make of it. One may not want me here, other(s) may want me here. I'm not going anywhere! I remove the 'X' and pile with other limbs.

#23. The painted red tire with white markings has been removed from the tree crook and was now on the ground under the limbs. ????

#24. and #25. At the garbage can set-up, the ball marked with #4 has been removed from the set-up at the top and was found on the ground.????

#26. On the ground was the stick from the top.???? It had been parallel in the set-up. Refer to the previous visit photo.

#27. I added a plastic cup on top of the set-up and put ball #4 and the stick back on the set-up.

#28. Here are the food items for the bucket.

#29. A blurry photo. The food items added to the bucket and the rock put back on top of the items.

#30. I have removed the items mentioned earlier from the bucket and tree.

The following are new set-ups in the deeper area.

#31. I re-hung the antler and comb on the tires tree again.

#32. I moved the map case paint container bag to the tires tree.

#33. I moved the beads, drawings folder and blue painted wooden letters to the tires tree.

#34. I put the red tire back into the tree crook.

#35. thru #37. I laid out the cloth sheet on the ground. I had the writing side up and laid out 10 balls in a particular pattern. I laid out sticks as crossed arrows-referring to 'friendship'.

#38. I hung a 'BF' drawings sheet and Native American drawings sheet from a vine on location.

#39. A look of both the ground sheet and drawings set-ups from west to east on the site.

#40. thru #43. I re-set up items at and around the garbage can set-up.

#44. Just noticed that the ground stick has been moved.?????

#45. I reset the sticks, etc.

#46. I moved the 'Little Joe Young' doll to the tree crook next to the top storage pipe.

At 9:45 AM, I left 1B to hike the creek moving east on the north side. I left in the storage pipe my extra back pack, bionic ear, parabolic dish, camp chair. I also left my bike close to the pipes. I began hiking just outside the treeline on the east side of the ditch walking south to the junction of the main creek then walking east along the creek.

#47. thru # 50. I walked east along the creek staying on the north side. The treeline on both sides of the creek has been cut back approximately 20'.
Before being cut back the growth was right up to the creek on both sides.

Approximately 10:30 AM during my hike along the creek, a huge group of crows gathered above me in the trees, 'cawing' like crazy. The most crows, I've seen or heard at one time. After a while, half flew off to the north. The remaining ones sounded like they were competing as to which among them could be the loudest. They soon flew off. the whole thing was very strange to me. 

I walked a little further and decided to head back to 1B. As I headed back to the west, I had to check out few spots along the way. I didn't pay attention earlier but now I had to take a look.

#51. thru #52. I came across what seemed like a blind to possibly ambush an animal (deer, hog, other). This was located near where a small branch, creek would empty perpendicular into the main creek. The blind opening was towards the creek.

#53. The interior of the possible blind. The flooring is just the sand from the creek.

#54. and #55. Next to the possible blind in the mud, sand looked like a 3-toed right print.???? 18" long. My first time to see a possible 3-toed print period.

#56. thru #60. As I headed back west I saw what seemed to be another blind. This one was next to a possible trail coming from the north and ending at the creek. The blind opening here was on the west side to the trail going by. Outside of the blind was a pile of brush, limbs etc. that something could hide behind and reach for as something passed by.

#61. As I neared the ditch from the creek, I cut north thru site 1A. I looked for more balls and plastic items from past flooding. The photo show the balls and plastic items found along the creek and site 1A.

I made it back to 1B and put up the balls, etc. What a morning. I left the site approximately 11:25 AM. The temperature on leaving was 91 and I was soaked from the humidity. I drank at least 80 ounces of water. It did rain a little close to the parking area. This was an exciting visit today.

This concludes field report #28 for Sunday July 31, 2016.

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