Review: Fear Farm Glendale Arizona

I went to Fear Farm in Glendale Arizona last Thursday and I was very excited to go. The reason this particular event was my choice this year is that it covers serious acreage with much of the entertainment outside. In Phoenix, where we don't get cool nights this time of year or the feel of autumn, being able to feel Halloween outside - it's that extra edge we need! 

You enter the almost fair-ground atmosphere to pumping edgy rock music and cool lights, carnival-food type stands with funnel cakes, turkey legs, pretzels and more. 

The layout makes it simple to see all the attractions in a row and to check out the screams coming from each one. The place is surrounded by numerous acres of cornfields and mazes. The swaying corn in the semi-darkness around it creates an autumnal anticipation.

Each of the house attractions; Undead, Slaughterhouse, The Bunker, and Mouth of Madness were uniquely themed and even brought in hints of local legends. I especially enjoyed the alien hybrids in the bunker, but beware that there are steps down and steps up that are not marked. I kind of messed up my knee stepping in the dark and finding out it was a step down! 

The corn maze with the goatman theme to it was a blast. The mission that you have to walk through with the candlelight inside was beautifully done and absolutely creepy and as you go outdoors into the maze, you encounter many creepy things, but one particular crescendo that resonates through to your bones! I won't give it away, but it's as close to feeling like you're in a horror movie as it gets.

The regular corn maze just for walking through in the darkness was a real treat. My friend and I took that to get some cool creepy photos with the corn stalks around us and to just feel the cool air that collects between the rows. It let our senses chill out before we tackled the next screaming event. 

Then, there was the hayride - my favorite attraction I have ever participated in!

I don't want to give away anything that happens on the hayride. All I can say is I would give anything to get to walk through that and take photos and be inspired with my horror writing. It introduced so many horror elements in a way that put you right smack dab in the action and some creepy creatures and situations that had me enthralled. I wanted to suspend the moments longer so I could recall what it felt like to come face to face with creepiness - not loud screaming in your face creepiness, but lingering, loitering, hovering creepiness. This was as close to the feeling of sighting a cryptid as we will get in the desert. Kudos on the folks who designed the scenarios, sets, and costumes and the actors who play the roles!!

You really can spend a late evening here doing all the fun stuff and soaking up the atmosphere and good foods. I highly recommend this one! 

*NOTE: The event had no idea I was buying a pass and attending for the purpose of review. I did this on my own money, own volition, and did not notify anyone of my purpose to review, nor did I contact them that I published this review. I truly believe in giving good rewards for good work.*