Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ray Villafane: Jack O'Lanterns and Scarecrows!

There are few people who embody the season of Halloween better than artist, Ray Villafane. Villafane Studios has put out some of the most extraordinary pumpkin carvings ever seen. And, thankfully, Ray has branched out into sand sculptures in the summertime and my personal favorite, scarecrows!

As if Ray Villafane isn't unbelievably talented enough, he is also generous with sharing how he does what he does with tool kits and instructions videos in his studios - Villafane Studios (check out the shop there). I have the tool set and it has been a huge improvement in creating Halloween art! This is nothing like the bulky and crude kits you buy in the local store.

This past summer, Ray Villafane was busy doing sand sculpture - 

And to my utter delight, he branched out into scarecrows and I am a scarecrow addict!!

Tis the season to be inspired! Find some great dream carving tools, tips and accessories on the Villafane Studios site and keep your eyes open - you will be seeing a LOT of his work this season - as Ray Villafane is perhaps the most talented and prolific horror sculptor ever.

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