Sunday, October 9, 2016

Glow Sticks Halloween Crafts

It's the season of glow sticks, but they aren't just sticks to put inside a pumpkin or around one's wrist anymore. They are now the cheap and easy product to make everything hauntingly cool! Here's a ton of ways to use those bags of glow sticks and make easy, impressive, and inexpensive crafts -

Glow sticks are epic in their unlimited fun - 

Doll heads? Remove the eyes and have fun! 

No dangerous candles needed -

These glow pumpkin lights above are described here (LINK). 

This would be an awesome touch to front porch steps - 

Toilet paper interior rolls or cut up paper towel rolls, scissors, glow sticks, and some bushes to put them in - 

Balloons, water, glow sticks, stockings - 

Vases with fake eyeballs and glow sticks. 

Water jugs or paper maiche pumpkins made over top a balloon that was popped once it was hardened -

Toadstools - 

White balloons, cheesecloth, glow sticks, fishing wire - 

Pumpkins or watermelons - carving - glow sticks in the proper ninja turtle colors - 

You can attach them to an outfit to become a moving stick figure like the video above, or you can incorporate them into a costume like this - 

White jugs take on a new life with glow sticks - 

A glow stick inside a little handmade bucket and you have a fun candy collector -

If you're having an event, cut a styrofoam ball in half and work the glow sticks into it for a centerpiece - 

Put a glow stick inside a latex glove, blow it up, tie it off, and float it in a bowl of murky water. I personally would consider put green glow sticks in the bottom of the water pan with rocks around them to make the rocks and water glow....

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