Clowns and Other Masked Figures Tormenting the Public!

Recently, clowns have started showing up in cities with a renewed fervor. Of course, we are coming into the Halloween season, but there is something very unsettling about someone in a mask with a questionable agenda near our kids. 

Greensboro, North Carolina has had a plague of sightings recently of a person in a clown mask wearing a red curly wig, large shoes, blue paints and a shirt with yellow polka dots. A witness was said to chase the clown into the woods with a machete. 

Even more terrifying are reports coming from South Carolina where parents say their children told them of clowns trying to lure them into the woods!

It would appear that in late September, they managed to arrest a clown in the woods in Middleboro, Kentucky. A 20-year-old. (LINK)

Costumes can make people rather brave and daring. No one knows who you are and they certainly don't know your motives. There is an inherent fear in children to not like masks, animal costumes, or clowns for a good reason - they can not evaluate facial features and know if the intent is good or bad.

As if we aren't unsettled enough about clowns, there was a craze in California and Florida of people dressed as clowns, wandering around, approaching homes, sometimes even armed with weapons!


Green Bay, Wisconsin

Then, if it's not bizarre enough, teens are having fun with the juggalo craze of emulating and worshipping the Insane Clown Posse band. 

Across the pond in the UK, there is an English town that has been haunted by someone in a plague physician costume - 

In Chester City Centre, a photo was taken of a man haunting the rows at night in a plague costume. Some have scoffed, saying it was just a PR stunt of some kind, others are a bit unsettled, at least the ones who know the usuals in the area and the typical plots. For some, it's probably an enthusiastic partier, to others, it's a reason to stay in at night.

In Wisconsin, two 12-year-old girls took their friend into the woods to attempt to kill her, supposedly to appease the legendary Slender Man. They stabbed her 19 times. The town was so upset, that they pulled the costume from stores, hoping to not incite any more hysteria based on an urban legend. 

In Melbourne, Angry Clown Man scared man folks on the train. All this silent man had to do was stare folks down to unsettle them to the extreme. He appeared to be minding his own business, but he certainly was playing it up for all it was worth on the "make everyone antsy" scale.