Thursday, October 13, 2016

An Overly Sensitive Society

Let me simply explain something here. We are a very sensitive society that believes anything listed online is for us personally. It's not. It's for a huge population of people in which some will be informed, moved or entertained. For some, it will miss the mark. For those who are sensitive about what they read online, do like most grownups, and move on. 

There is no need to make a big dramatic display that someone posted something that offended you somehow, didn't take into account your sensitivities, or didn't carry your religious or political views. We have become an overly sensitive world. Toughen up, cookies. 

There are things called cognitive distortions that are assumptions we make about how the world, us, and others should be (they are illogical and unreasonable and not based in reality) and they cause great emotional distress to people. One such cognitive distortion is - others should know my pain, situation, feelings, needs, and cater to them. Now, you have someone who is angry and hurt (both illogical conclusions based on their assumptions of how the world works).

One of the principles of being a grownup is - the world will not take me into account in anything that occurs, whether it is forces of nature, other human beings, outcomes of events.... 

Once you accept this, you have leveled up to "adult." 

Reality - no one will cater to your needs. YOU have to do that by not taking the world personally. It was here before you. It will be here after you. The world and its occupants do not have to adjust to you - you have to adjust to them and the fact that they are all INDEPENDENT of you

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