Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Many Responses

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Field Journal 3
Visit #23
Sunday June 12, 2016

I arrived at the park approximately 9:50 AM. The temperature was 86. The humidity was high. It was cloudy, with rain in the area. At this spot, it looked like it could rain at anytime. 

This time, I was determined to bike the trail. I wanted to see if any part of the trail was under water. Later, I then would go to 1B and possibly explore more of the main creek going east.

At 9:55 AM, left the parking area, biking to the east end of the trail. I took my time riding the trail. The water had receded from off the trail. In some spots at the far east end, the water was next to the trail as a swamp. It rained a little at the east end. 

The first photos from this visit shows the P.R.O.W to the south and north. I went back to the parking area (10:50 AM) to get my pack and then go to 1B. It was sprinkling a little here. At 11:05  AM, I left for 1B. I arrived at the ditch bridge at 11:13 AM. The water was now low. 

I will start now with the photo's, etc, around this visit -

#1. and #2. On the trail, looking to the P.R.O.W south.

#3. and #4. On the trail, looking to the P.R.O.W north.

#5. At the trail ditch bridge looking south. The site 1B location is at the far south end, the left (east side) of the ditch. The ditch connects with the main creek, which is out of sight.

#6. and #7. After entering to the site, I approached the pipes. On pipe #1 was the crunched remains of a cereal box. I have been leaving a box of dry cereal in the food bucket every visit. I guess this was a reminder, to me from them, to keep the cereal coming. ????

#8. and 9. My previous set-up around the food bucket apparently was not appreciated. Everything was dealt with in a destructive manner. The food was taken as the containers/wrappers, etc. are scattered among the destruction. ?????

#10. and #11. This plastic container with lid was left in the bucket.????

#12. and #13. Showing more of the destruction and the container/wrapper remains locations. ????

#14. At the set-up near the tree balls buckets, The kettle bell, water meter cover were now on the ground. ????

#15. thru # 19. On the small trail I use, to get to my deeper set-up area, these possible ground stick signs were found. Some of my painted (blue sticks) limbs have been used. ?????

#20. thru #22. I have place a painted rock at each the ground stick sign, to acknowledge the set-up. That I know it was done by 'them'.

#23. This small bush limb has been bent across my walking trail. ???? These seem to be done to see how I will react. I don't throw the bent limbs aside, as I could. They are only bothersome. It may give 'them' a chuckle or laugh, etc. just to bug me. I think they like to see me hit my head on the limbs which I still do occasionally. Any new limbs bent across my walking path, I paint spots n to acknowledge.

#24. The current items for the food bucket. Dry cereal, fruit, unshelled peanuts, granola bars, sweet treats.

#25 and #26. I have put the food items into the bucket and the large rock goes on top. This rock is heavy & large. It's tough for me to handle. So no raccoon or possum will move it. It takes power & strength to move the rock from the bucket to get the food from under it.

#27. thru #35. Another different set-up near the balls buckets.

#36. thru #38. I have moved the tires & some of the plastic garbage can covers back into the small group of trees nearby.

#39. and #40. Did a new pipe set-up using the cereal box remains and adding he painted rocks, blue plastic cover, and sticks.

#41. A blurry photo looking from near junction of the ditch and main creek back to the north.

#42 and #43. Looking at the main creek to the east. The water is till high.

#44. thru #46. I hiked the north side of he main creek to the east.

#47. I found a ball while walking along the creek. I added it to the pipe set-up.

#48. # #49. I saw this earlier when entering. Another bothersome limb across my walking path. You see another limb across the path,I painted with red spots. All I have to do is throw it to the side. I don't. I will paint it at a future visit. I like to leave the limbs for 'their' pleasure.

After several hours in the area it was time to go.

This concludes field report #23 for Sunday June 12, 2016.

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