The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Mangled Toy and Footprint

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal #3
Field Report #24
Thursday June 16, 2016

I arrived at the park at 3:46 PM. The temperature was 96 with blue sky and high clouds. There was a warm breeze. I geared up and left for 1B at 4 PM. I arrived at the site at 4:10 PM. I started on the walking path in the woods. Photo observations follow:

#1. and #2. As I walk towards the pipes, notice a limb across the path. I paint it with blue spots and leave it. ????

#3. and #4. As I walk just a little further, this possible ground glyph, was on the path. ????

The set-up at pipe #2 has changed.

#5. and #6. I move to the deeper set-ups area, another bush limb was across the path/trail. ???? 
I again, spot paint the limb with blue paint. I do this to acknowledge it. This is another limb that causes me to duck lower or go around on the path.

#7. thru #10. At the food bucket, the bucket was empty and wrappers, etc. on the ground area below the bucket. The rock was also on the ground. ????

#11.  Food items left in the food bucket today.

#12. thru #14. Food items put into the bucklet. The rock put back on top of the food. I added the tall, vertical limb, painted with blue spots. This is is coming up thru the bucket ring handle. This also shows the items on or near the bucket.

#15. Two of the blue, painted sticks have been removed from the set-up.????

#16. 'Clyde' & 'Little Joe Young' dolls on top of the balls buckets.

#17. A side view of the removed, painted sticks. ????

#18. The bear doll had it's head removed from its body. ???? It was now on the ground.

#19. The yellow tire has been removed from the tree. ???? The old water container is away from the tire on its side.

#20. A blurry photo of the bear doll on the ground.????

#21. A better photo of the same spot. ????

#22.  A look at the yellow tire from a different angle. ????

#23. and #24. Balls from the setup scattered. ???? The plastic water container can be seen to the side.

#25. and #26. I moved the yellow tire to a different tree.

#27. thru #35.---I added new set-ups or rearranged around the upside down garbage can and on the balls buckets.

#36. thru #39. Possible ground glyphs seen on the way out, that I missed walking in. I painted one stick blue. ????

#40. thru #42.----Found a possible right foot impression.???? 6.5"-2.5"-1.5".

#43. and #44. I found this thin, long bone by the path. I painted and stuck it vertically by the path.

I left the area approximatrly 5:40 PM. Another interesting time in the field.

This concludes field report #24 for Thursday June 16, 2016.