Thursday, September 1, 2016

The "Transients" Living Among Us

Man still debates the existence of things like ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, cryptids, shadow people, and more. Ancient man knew the world was not just the meat and potatoes of daily focus on sex, food, shelter, water, and staying alive; there was the "spice" of life too, like laughter, love, dreams, and encounters with the transients

Ancient man readily accepted the other realms and their interaction with this earthly plane. From it, we developed religion, spirituality, and concepts of spirit form.

Today, psychics help us bridge the gap with "others" in the world who are harder to detect. They communicate with, envision, and sense these "transients."

In the past, when man's brain was developing into the machine it is today (mostly left-brained), they likely used the parts of their brain  (more right brain) that gave them the ability to encounter the unexplained (like psychics can today). 

This was enhanced with the use of mushrooms and the like to have spiritual awakenings. 

Today, scientists have been admitting that the use of hallucinogens might help us to see more of the world. 

This all might be involved in our evolutionary process and some of the chemicals our minds produce to help us hallucinate during sleep state (dreams) and can become out of hand when one has schizophrenia. They are remnants of what we would consider a more primitive mind state. 

We even product DMT (hallucinogenic) in our brains, but we manage to keep that at levels that it does not interfere with our very mortal day to day life of eating, sex, water, safety.... Those distractions are a higher priority than visions like ancient prophets spoke of. 

(SOURCE LINK - GREAT ARTICLE ON DMT) "Imagine a creature or phenomena that has been lurking among us since the dawn of evolution. If our ancient ancestors died every time they perceived the phenomena, evolution would favor creatures who did not perceive the creatures or phenomena. One might counter this argument by saying that our modern instruments, such as X-ray machines and cameras, should be able to make the creatures apparent to us, even if our unaided sensorium is not up to the task." 

It is debated what the use of the hallucinogenic, DMT, does. Those who have used the hallucinogenic report that it opened up more of the world to see. It didn't create necessarily flying fairies and the like, but gave a vision of MORE to our world than we were capable of seeing. It was so enlightening, it was similar to the feelings near-death experiencers report at seeing "Heaven." 

(SOURCE LINK) "As a metaphor, consider infrared goggles. A person leans on a tree. At night, we don't see the person. Put the goggles on, and a new reality results -- a truer reality -- and we see the man. Similarly, is it possible that our brain is a filter, and the use of DMT is like slipping on infrared goggles, allowing us to perceive a valid reality that is inches away and all around us?"

Today, like in the past, we encounter the unexplained and our citizens vilify those who report it, as they had somehow lifted a veil and saw past this mortal reality and weren't supposed to peek behind the curtain or deal with THAT unacknowledged world. 

For those who perceive things like psychic information, prophetic dreams, encounters with cryptids, contact with aliens, talking to ghosts, are they just people using their brains in an ancient way we had forgotten to exercise? This would be the equivalent of algebra; we learn it, but do we ever use it again? And, if we don't, do we forget it? 

We might be calling them transients because our perceptions come and go. Perhaps WE are the transients, in that we can only transiently perceive that which is always there.

I try to explain having psychic skills like this: If someone told me that I see color but the rest of the world sees only black and white, how would I explain having color vision to those who do not? I cannot give them a frame of reference. 

If I say "green is grass, it smells clean, it is fresh and alive with chlorophyll." They would stare at me strangely. 

To them, grass is a shape, a blade on the ground, with no color identity to add further knowledge of grass. 

With this ability I have to see color, I have added a new depth and vibrancy to my existence here that also includes synesthetic qualities such as green being peaceful or smelling like pine or tasting like lime. To a regular person, lime would taste like that lime-shaped fruit. 

If that fruit were gray, would you be less inclined to be interested in it? To feel sentimental about it? To have your mouth water at the thought of eating it?

And so this is the dilemma of those who have "further" sight: We understand the world with a different depth than those who think that everything they see is all there is.

If there was a situation in the past where man readily interacted with the scope of the entire world, then a decision was made to allow man to get back to work as a physical being here in this physical world, closing off our production of DMT or dominant use of our right brain would make sense. 

But, why leave any existing "dream" state in man or ability to psychically perceive? Why keep something we don't need in our "practical" world? 

Perhaps, in the "Divine's" own way, it was left there to give us momentary reminders of where we come from, to humble us, to keep us from being too arrogant that we are all there is. This also allowed a pathway to dream, hope, set goals, communicate with God, and have interactions with the "paranormal" realm to let us know that we are spirit, not just physical. In fact, keeping some DMT in our system helped us tap our souls - to be that proverbial spiritual being having a human experience....

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