The 1970s

On a road trek to Mayer, Arizona this past weekend, Julie Ferguson and I came across a most amazing find - a 1970s store. And we were in utter awe of what was inside - 
The shop was owned by the most amazingly talented and sweet lady named Debbie. She specializes in leather work and tie dye and both are so expertly done, our jaws were dropping. 

13290 E. Central Ave. 
Off highway 69 in Mayer  (turn at the Dollar Store, it's behind it).

I had to buy the top and glasses - totally me!

Debbie's shop smells of incense and feels so happy and beautiful. You could stand there for hours, just examining all the items! We were awe-struck and didn't know where to begin. Debbie was exceedingly informed about the era and her love for the 70s shows in her beautiful face as she talks about the musicians and events of that time period. 

Debbie makes items that are used at renaissance festivals, steampunk events, and even pagan gatherings.

This Viking-Celtic gal was drooling over all the beautiful items. Her family also is involved in the making of the handcrafted items. What a wonderful heritage!

I am absolutely certain Julie and I will be swinging by the shop again this fall as we go to see the colors up north. I can hardly wait! Be sure to check out her Facebook leathers page (LINK). She sells some of her goods online which is a wonderful blessing to spread the gorgeousness and hand crafting to the world. 

As the authors of Zombie Housewives of the 1970s, Julie and I were feeling it! 


  1. Fantastic nostalgic shop. Looking forward to shopping there again.


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