Signs You Might Have Alien DNA Manipulation

With rampant reports of people being abducted by alien beings, examined, tested, and released back into the wilds, one has to wonder. Why? What are they doing? Why certain people? What are they doing with the DNA? How are they altering the Homo sapiens that call Earth "Home"?

If we decide to take the path of the potential that we are being altered to make "jumps" in our evolutionary process, possibly to curb our angry tendencies or even encourage our sheep-like aspects, there would be no better way than to alter some of the population and send them out to breed. 

There would need to be monitoring throughout a lifetime to see if an altered human was adapting to Planet Earth and making the necessary changes to society that they seek. Any alterations would take perhaps a hundred thousand years or so to change the entire race, but constant monitoring would need to be done to see if the random population are showing signs of having acquired the new trait. 

In fact, the greys would continue to visit offspring and that offspring's offspring, and so on, looking to see if these traits were dominant throughout their breeding and taking hold in population over time. 

How would we know who has alien DNA? 

Well, the best way would be to look at rare abilities and attributes in our population that show some odd permutation, or set of exceptional qualities, that sets them apart as "other." 

I like to refer to these folks as "the quiet calling." 

Here's potential attributes - 


A person with altered DNA might treat life as a constant archiving event. He might take time to make quiet observations about how humanity does what we do, and noting the weaknesses and strengths. 

Sometimes, it might feel as though he was popped into a human body and wondering what the customs of the humans are. He is a bit too wise for his years and spiritually centered so that he doesn't concern himself with popularity, status and the usual goals; his journey is something birthed from within, not with-out.

Psychic Skills 

One of my PSI test results to guess where the red dot in the huge square will be. My guess was the tiny blue square - 6922 to 1 odds.

If we were to be modeled by the point of reference of another "alien" race, they would likely want to impart a peaceful nature in which we work together for a greater good. 

This Utopian goal would be achieved best by giving us psychic skills. If aliens wanted us to be truly connected as a people so that we did not harm others because it would harm ourselves, they would make us highly intuitive and empathic so that we could have compassion and cooperation to be united in a common goal; maybe even without having to voice it. 

This is an attribute often associated with the alien grey race that those of us who have experienced contact report their "borg-like" connection, yet their very individual personalities. The individual is not lost in the process of psychic connection, but fueled by a common goal. They understand the goal they are trying to achieve and its importance, but those who have been abducted are in the dark to this greater connection. 

The simplest way to make us understand is to give us insight through "mindspeak" abilities. Mindspeak, for those who have not experienced it, is a sudden rush of knowledge uploaded into your mind from another. You do not hear language or words; you simply know what they know. 

How Do I Know This? 

Altering DNA in humans should involve more efficient brain synapses, high intelligence, psychic input, and together that would create a strange aberration to the individual. The person who has had this alteration may ask himself often, "how do I know this?"

He might hear a language he never learned and understand it, or open up a device that is broken and know just what connection to look for, even though he has never fixed such a piece of equipment. He might be able to test on reading a book that he only skimmed over and pass with flying colors. He might call out the answer to something and wonder how he had that knowledge. 

If a person often asks, "how did I know this?" that might be a red flag that he is utilizing all the skill sets given to him by his very makeup. He is gathering information from a greater wisdom, it would seem, and assimilating bits of knowledge and psychic insight, even synesthetic means (explained below) to come to conclusions others would not make. 

Healing Abilities

If man had a connection to others enough to empathize or even mindspeak, he would also have the ability to offer healing to those in need. Caring for one's brother, compassion, empathy, are all critical to whatever the greater good is. 

Those who can speak to a group and make them feel intensely changed, are a healer of a sort. There are some ministers and life coaches who can do such miraculous-seeming things as speaking and changing lives. There are others who are healers, drawn perhaps to Reiki or medicine. -


They call synesthesia a "mixing up of the senses." That is a pretty basic description and I will explain a bit deeper. A synesthetic might see colors associated with numbers. 

If you ask a synesthetic to picture the number four, it might be the color yellow in her mind's eye. Perhaps hearing music is associated with color or scent. In my case of spatial/time synesthesia, I see days of the week and months in a sort of grid outside my body a certain distance and placement from my body, not in a calendar form like others do. Monday is slightly right of my nose, about 5 feet away and even with the height of my shoulders.

I also store knowledge in a kind of 3D filing system in the space around me to be retrieved by moving my eyes and staring off to pull up the "file." 

Some experts try to examine and understand synesthesia. They say that we had it as children and some people did not outgrow it. Sounds like psychic skills, hmm? A really good synesthetic can store knowledge as a savant. It is startling their capacity to learn and retain. This kind of brain use is exceptional. Here's an example - 

Synesthesia allows for a savant-like thought process, as information is not just straightforward in its storage, it is through associations. An artist hears a musical note and associates it with a shape, texture, color... and an amazing work of art is born. A person, like the man above, stores language into a grid work outside of him; that information is not just photographic, it is spatial. He can now reach for, retrieve and understand how this word connections to that word as if it's a living motion around him.

There would be no better way than synesthesia to make human minds capable of scientific discoveries like Einstein and Tesla, art like Van Gogh, music like Beethoven. 

If the aliens wanted a civilization to make leaps, those citizens would need an extraordinary capacity to viscerally grasp and associate information through novel connections in the brain. 

Synesthesia would make learning something dynamic versus static. Sure, anyone can memorize for rote, but what about actively applying that knowledge to a unique and creative endeavor? Now, you have created minds in a civilization that allows for the extraordinary capacity of the brains of its people. 

We kid around about using only 10% of our brains, but the truth is we learn very young how to use the brain and build the pathways to make associations. Those with synesthesia have laid down connections that put dissimilar things together to empower the learning even more. Now, yellow isn't a color - it's a number! 

Have you ever gotten in your car to drive off and as you go around a corner, the song on the radio is one that you heard going around that same corner before? Deja vu! Saving memories and learning things in a context like that makes it something you can retrieve by simply being at that corner again. The song doesn't even have to play, but you recall it when you turn that corner. Now, that song is not just a song, it is a place, a time, a situation. That is the dynamic of how a synesthetic stores information for maximum retrieval in a visceral way. 

Genius IQ

In sixth grade, it was IQ testing day and i had the worst flu imaginable. But, I was shoved out the door with 104 temperature to go take the test. 

A few weeks later, my mom was called to the office to discuss my test results. I thought I was in big trouble. I was ready to explain that I had the flu, was coughing, feverish.... 

Mom came back with a paper and said nothing. She tucked it away. I went back to school and my teacher talked about having me be in charge of decorating the doors in the elementary school and lots of other interesting allowances in how I worked and tested, even offering to have me teach younger students.

I was sure  they thought I was simple-minded or possibly odd. The crazy thing, though, was I never once studied and got As and a few Bs. I didn't know I was smart. I thought I was stupid because I wasn't opening up books. 

Then, I paid my brother a dollar to find the paper and let me see it. He knew mom's hiding place and pulled it out and howled. I thought it was really bad. 

He handed it to me, shaking his head. "You're smarter than me, She-She!" My 4.0 older brother who studied hard was saying that? 

I looked at it. The number meant nothing until I flipped it over to read the scores' meanings. I was a genius. How was that possible? 

Apparently, after discussion with my mom. I found out the school called her to discuss how to handle a genius level IQ student. They realized they needed to give me free run to take it as far as I needed to. Mother admonished me not to boast and brag about it.

IQ isn't about learning or education level, it is about your ability to be taught something and apply it. It's about retention but also comprehension. Even if you don't have a higher level of education, it doesn't affect your ability to learn things; you could be an exceptional chef or gifted farmer.

Exceptional Health and Immunity

It goes without saying, for a civilization thrive, there needs to be some people with exceptional health and stamina, immunity and power. 

What good would a civilization do that can't be robust enough to make great headway in advancements? A being must be adapted to the planet's chemistry, gases, gravity, geology, and food and water sources. 

Someone who perhaps missed childhood diseases or horrible infections, who manages to beat family diseases, might just have a little help.

"Truman Show" Syndrome

There's a difference between paranoia and the feeling that one is being monitored. Anyone who has been abducted, contacted, or worked with has a general sense throughout life that there is almost a CCTV watching their phases. Every time they lose at a ball game or sit alone in their room crying over a breakup, there is a feeling of being observed. 

In fact, a person who had been altered might find himself speaking out loud with no one around, sort of "narrating" what they are doing or thinking. They may pray to God, but have a very real sense of God as an observer. 


These Aren't Your Defects; They Are Your Gifts

I go into some detail in my 99-cent Kindle book "My Alien Encounters," but what I have come to know is that when I was told as a child I was given "things that make me different," it wasn't a curse, it was a blessing. 

I never understood how I stored info outside of my body, touched objects and knew about others who touched them, had facial amnesia, yet identified people by their souls rather than faces, and could learn things so quickly and retain and apply it. 

I felt all weird and different. 

As an adult, I observed the skills objectively, tested the PSI skills and knowledge and challenged myself with new tasks and found that I was not just highly intelligent, but able to gather information from unexplained sources, work with it creatively, and be truly novel in my projects.

Do we have the DNA of aliens are do we have DNA that has been altered and manipulated to make odd jumps in our progress along the way?

 How did ancient man go from a likely right-brained tendency to an equal balance with emphasis on the left logical side? Were there too many cave artists not being social with one another to make a civilization and not enough logical forward-thinking team players? 

Exactly how did this evolutionary process occur? Were special people with certain chromosomal changes sent out to breed among the rest of us?

These questions remain, but with applying a bit of logic, we can make some assumptions about what attributes might have been focused upon and there is a startling laundry list above.

TBS Channel on Halloween night launches a new series, "People of Earth."  

Described as - 

People of Earth centers on skeptical journalist Ozzie Graham (Cenac), who investigates a support group to write about the member’s supposed alien encounters. The more he digs into their oddball claims, the more he realizes a semblance of truth to their stories and possibly even signs that point to his own alien abduction. The onetime outsider now finds himself a part of this eclectic group of misfits, all the while struggling with the idea of knowing that life could exist beyond our world.