Multiple Paranormal Experiencers: Learn How To Be One!

From Julie Ferguson's and my book 

I am often asked why some people witness many types of paranormal events and what it is that is different about those people. This post is my explanation, as best I can give, for what is unique and even how you can develop that aspect of yourself.

Here's the basics: Once you have witnessed one unexplained phenomena, you open yourself up to not assuming what you are seeing any longer, and so you catch things other glance right past. 

We tend to only see the part of the world we believe it contains. 

Once you have an experience in the paranormal, you are now humbled to admit that there is more content in the universe than you were taught to assume. You also hone in on that sense that tells you it is nearby and when to look, even where to be....

Example: An art teacher told his class to draw a model's eye. The students all sketched it out and the teacher shook his head. "No, no, no! You drew an eye, assuming you know what an eye is. I want you to draw the shapes with no conclusion what it will become. Now, draw it again!"

And, so is life and encounters with the unknown. We must never assume we know what is in a room inside a haunted house or in a forest. We should remain open and receptive.

Those who encounter the unexplained make no assumptions and allow the forest or the haunted house to show them what they contain. 

Their secret is humility combined with making no assumptions about content.

Once you experience the unexplained, the world opens wide to have content that exists that we weren't taught to recognize just waiting to be validated. 
And, those of us not scared by that concept, become willing archivists.

There is a form of psychic intuitive talent that involves a gifted level of spatial awareness combined with a time/spatial synesthesia. In other words, a person can be very adept at understanding space and what is hidden within it including energies. If you put this person into a haunted location or a forest and they know where things are and when to look. 

I use these skills for "psychic tracking," as well as understanding haunted locations and where activity can be found. My chances of running into such events are highly probable because I am both spatially gifted and spatially synesthetic, as well as psychically skilled.

This simple psychometry test is a good tool for helping you understand energies in the space around you. Hold your palms up in front of your chest facing each other. Put them far enough apart that if you tickle one hand's fingers toward the other palm, they don't touch, but they nearly touching, perhaps 1/2 inch distance. Stroke the right hand's fingers towards the left palm. 

Do you feel something, a resistance, a tingle, a push, a resistance? 

Now, switch and do the left fingers to the right palm. 

The palm that felt the stroking more strongly is your reading palm, the palm that takes in energy and reads it. Most often this is the opposite of your writing hand, but not always. 

The other hand that did the stroking is your healing hand.

The reading palm is used for reading and object by touching it with that hand, or touching a person and reading their emotional and mental energy. 

The healing hand is the one you put on someone to soothe them or to subdue them.

Feeling the space: Taking this a step further, bring someone into the room with you. Have them stand behind you, about two feet away. Tell them at some point to hold their palm up right behind your head, inches away. You will try and tell them when they have put their hand there. Close your eyes. feel the space around you, feel the nuance of air being blocked, that push, that tingle, the feeling you felt with the test above. We do this often in stores and such, we feel someone is behind us, even though we did not see them go there. This is your spatial sense. We want to develop this keenly. 

This exercise might take many tries until you are aware. If you cannot pass this test at least on one try, tell the person to concentrate on your name as they put their hand up. This added intent might help you sense it better until you learn to use this sensory "muscle" more over time.

Let's talk about the commonalities among people who have multiple para experiences, i.e. maybe aliens and UFOs, ghosts and Bigfoot....

The most likely time a person will run into paranormal experiences is bedtime. That sounds like dream time and it is, but encounters with the dead and with alien greys occur around this of night when a person is lying in bed, engaging their brain activity into alpha state, a receptive, nonjudgmental state, almost like being hypnotized. 

Do people who encounter much paranormal activity have some sort of special vision or the ability to go into alpha state more readily? I am not certain. One time, I had an extraordinary UFO encounter with another person who was not psychically inclined in the least. But, I am the one that felt the need to look up at a certain moment and there it was! 

"Pan para experiences" tend to be good bloodhounds and that is the key to why they run into para everywhere. 

People who encounter multiple types of paranormal experiences tend to have a freaky ability to time where to be and when and where to look. 

There is a level of perception that is out of sync with others, whether it is a perception of time slowing down, awareness of "other," or very keen senses of intent being placed upon them, and for those who exhibit this kind of sensitivity, they will repeatedly encounter such things throughout life.

When you are on a path and run into a Bigfoot, often times your mind is not regimented. You are not in the analytical to-do mindset of "I must make it to camp and plow through the woods and not look around...." You are usually going with the flow, stopping to note some mushrooms, lifting your face to the breeze, thinking about how grand the universe is, and laughing at a lizard crossing a fallen log. You are engaged in the space you are inhabited (there is that spatial thing again). Logical mind wants to control, but expansive mind just goes with inspiration, no need to control.

Have you ever been sitting and talking with someone outside and they point to a shooting star they just saw and you miss it? 

You have to put yourself in the places and situations.

A UFO witness puts his focus on a place that might possess a UFO. If you never see the sky, you won't ever see one. It's kind of like the lottery - if you don't play, you can't win. If you don't go to historic sites or hike the woods or look at the sky, guess what? You won't have encounters.

                  Looking Right           Looking Left

Eye positioning chart

EXERCISE: As an exercise for yourself, try sitting in a room and looking around. In your mind, do not name or put importance on anything you see. See it as colors and shapes, not items or familiar things. Be completely detached as if this is a foreign world. Feel the space around you, the distance from you to items in the room. 

Now, let your eyes drift off into the distance in a daydream like state - to the lower right visual field around 4-5 o'clock position (kinesthetic region - chart above), concentrating purely on what you sense about you.  Let your mind sort of expand to all the space around you 360 degrees, even out of the room and into other areas, sensing what is going on in the entire building.

Do you have a strong pull to look at certain place in the room? Feel that something is there? Sense a density or weight or blocking of the air flow? Tingling? Or intense feeling of being watched? THAT is the feeling you need, the focus you need to be able to run into such encounters. 

Some people will move their eyes up and down, bottom right to middle right to top right until something locks in. We all get our info from a different region. Looking to the left, it is memories, but looking to the right it is intuitive or imaginative regions. 

Psychics do this sort of switch of focus. It is not a trance as some would call it. It is going internal in order to interact with the other aspects of the universe that do not need analytical left-brained focus.

When I do psychic reads, I look upper right, then middle right, then bottom right until I lock onto a sense of images, feelings, or info coming in. Then, I stop there and "daydream" in that position. I say "daydream" because you are not even noticing what you are staring at, you are looking through it to your mind's content inward instead of objects out there. This is the same engagement you feel when you daydream. (See the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" as an example.)

Has someone ever asked you if you heard a sound and you stared off into space and focused on just your hearing to try and discern the sound? That is what I am talking about - that sort of shift to concentration and then perception!

Eventually, you can stop what you are doing in the forest, haunted location, or even in bed at night when you are lying there. It is as if you are checking in with what you don't see, but you feel. 

When we sit in a haunted location in the dark, we are allowing ourselves to observe a location in quiet time at night, in low light where we can see shadows, but we are also forcing ourselves to not be distracted by the contents of the room, but the contents of the space....

Checking in with the intuitive is a practice, but not a hard one, we do it all the time and don't realize it. Many times when we stop what we're doing and stare off into space and someone asks us where we were, we were actually making a connection with a spirit who wanted our attention. 

Here is a video where I explain what that "unfocus focus" is like - 

The keys for multiple para experiences is, no preconceived notions of what is out there, what is all around you at any place and any time. To walk through the woods, look up at the sky, wander an historic site, or lie in bed and go into unfocused focus to check in with the world around you. 

You are not a human doing, you are a human being. 
That shift in your intention makes all the difference. 

When you are task-oriented, you push up against the para realm and butt heads with it. 

When you are adaptive and free flowing, nonjudgmental, open to letting the universe show you what's there, it lifts its skirt. 

When you give yourself the chance to interact with the world and suspend your preconceived notions about how it really works and what is really there, it has a way of showing itself. It might be out of the corner of your eye at first, it might be timing - you look up just as the light goes out in the sky... but eventually, your timing will develop as you learn to "check in" with the universe often and easily. 

We often speak of children being more intuitive and losing it as they grow up. THIS is the very reason why; they shift form free-flowing, no preconceptions, no task-oriented urging, simply interacting, being, experiencing, letting the world show you what it contains. 

If we use Kolchak as an example, he was sent out on calls to crime scenes. When he arrived, he didn't accept what the investigator in charge was saying, he was looking around; the backside, the bottom, the top, the side door.... He poked around. He didn't make any assumptions about what he was going to encounter. He let it choose how to present itself to him. 

Some potential locations to put yourself into -

Haunted Bed and Breakfast inns
UFO hot spots with the most reportings
Bennington Triangle
Bridgewater Triangle
Areas with infamous spooklights
Woods near farmlands, streams/rivers, rural settings, especially on gorges or ravines above creeks
Cemeteries after dark in the woods
Ghost tours
Historic sites

Remember to keep your mind expanded to the space around you, getting a sense of where to go, and listen to the tiny pull inside to look up, to turn, to take a picture at a certain time. Be okay with not being task-oriented, to stop, to turn, to go back, to stop, to hum, to look up. Just let the environment guide you without any expectations....