Happy Birthday Elvira's Cassandra Peterson!

Today is Cassandra Peterson's (Elvira) birthday. I also share the same birthday of September 17th.

Virgos are special people. We are loyal and organized, intelligent, and strong. We also have a very sharp sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves to let off steam.

I wanted to make my own Elvira-type character that embodies my love of the season and my old online name, Autumnforest, as well as my autumn leaf tattoo and red hair. I created "Autumnforest."

I have long admired the Elvira character and the gorgeous brilliant woman who portrays her. So, I say "Happy Birthday Cassandra!" and I share my top 10 favorite campy horror movies of all time - 

The Legend of Boggy Creek 2
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Night of the Demons
The Legend of Boggy Creek
Devil Doll 

In my own ridiculous mocking of bad horror movies, I made a series of 2-beer budget movies. They condense a horror movie into a few minutes' and the only budget was 2 beers. 

Cassandra has my undying appreciation for what she goes through to portray Elvira. She is impossible to replicate. A true original!