Saturday, September 3, 2016

Find Your Goth Fashions Here!

My friends know the only reason I ever modeled in the past was that I just loved to play with clothes. It's amazing how putting on something new and different can change your entire attitude and posture. I came across a nice goth shop that could definitely give you a new attitude - Kate's Clothing!

This UK shop knows girls and guys and what they want - goth, but also stylish and sexy, not just bulky black clothing. Have a look - 

I'm really impressed with this shop and the buyers who seem to know just what amount of class and novelty true goths want. No concert tees or big bulky items or spikes coming out of collars. There is nothing cliche about the contents of this shop and it's exquisitely gorgeous. Once you start looking through the items, you won't be able to stop. 

Online Store Link
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