Unidentified Mummified Creature Causing Unknown Disease?

Siberian diamond miners expected to find treasure underground, but definitely not some kind of mummified beast from long ago.

Found in Siberia, this creature lived 252 to 66 million years ago (based on the sand deposit it was found in).

Deep inside the earth, this beast remained surprisingly well mummified near the Arctic Circle. It was sent on for examination to determine just what it was.

They await DNA results, but some are speculating already that it was some type of wolverine or a marten, but that wouldn't necessarily land them in the right time frame for the area it was found. This was explained as a creature that might have wandered into the mine in more modern times and dehydrated there. 

I'd agree more that it is closer to a wolverine with the length of the teeth, size and body shape.

It will be interesting to learn more about the findings. 

It gets even more weird when you view this video - hmmm

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