Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Paranormal Shows We Want On TV!

We've all had it with the usual para shows and the teams, walking around in the dark, talking to the walls, holding up EMF meters. We know the routine. And the routine rarely changes up. They are still repeating the same moves with the same results.

What we really want is something a bit more interesting and thought provoking. I will discuss some ideas that need examining. 

"University of Ghost"

How about a university-based research group that can pool together physicists, acoustic engineers, mechanical engineers, psychologists, and other experts? They could even have a round table discussion about findings or contemplating experiments. 

What we crave is the idea of having experts who can explain things, perhaps try experiments, maybe even debate among themselves about things like infrasound, quantum physics, EMF and human senses. Maybe they even test and debunk the use of EMF meters or confirm they may be valuable.

"Para Insight"

The host of this show randomly picks a name from a phone book. Off he/she flies to knock on someone's door. The person is presented with a challenge - would you like to go on a paranormal investigation without knowing where or what kind?

If the person accepts, the host interviews the person on the flight out about where they are in their life now, what their challenges are, what they fear, what they think of the paranormal. 

The idea here is to pick up on themes that will be challenged when the person goes to perhaps a Bigfoot study in Washington State or hunting Jersey Devil or studying a haunted asylum. 

The person may be going to study something they fear or something they've never done before, but the challenges will push the fears and obstacles they have at home. Perhaps their loathing of their job and fear of changing careers is altered by having tested fears elsewhere and survived. 

When they are done and flying home, they discuss new challenges in their life when they get home, new perspective, and a new attitude about a para subject.

Sometimes, it's the average person being thrown into a scary situation that challenges him and makes him think about his whole life without the framework of the challenge. Experiencing the paranormal can change a person, but it can be a positive change toward being inquisitive and brave. 

"Ghost House"

Consider this concept a kind of "Big Brother" scenario. A police officer, a psychiatrist, a paranormal investigator, a scientist, a minister; some believers, some nonbelievers, are put together for 30 days in a house to study the spirit activity. 

The house is rigged with cameras and mics and over meals they might debate the existence of spirits and come up with ways to rig experiments, being on-call when things sound or happen. 

Part of the attraction is hearing the skeptics and the believers, the scientists and the spiritual debating, explaining activity, and driving each other nuts for 30 days without escape.

The fact is, investigation teams all believe in ghosts and they use the approved methods they were taught by their leaders. They come in for a night and find little of consequence, as they are not living in the building like those who experience activity regularly. 

"Habituation Situation"

This show revolves around Bigfoot, but in a way that makes more sense than trudging into unfamiliar woods for a weekend, knocking on trees and hollering like weekend partiers.

In this show, a family is found that has a habituation going on at their property. These are folks who live in a rural or wooded area who have had regular contact with a clan on their property. They, themselves, do the filming and capturing the back and forth activity of leaving items, being gifted, hearing things in the middle of the night, and the like.

The family should be one with a good attitude about sharing their land with quirky distant relatives.

This show makes sense because no one encounters Bigfoot with such consistency as people who live on a property where Bigfoot gets used to their comings and goings and habits. The family would film themselves and have a few cameras on the corners of the outside of the house to help capture what they can of what it's like to come across evidence of Bigfoot, back and forth gifting, and their quirky habits. 


We have seen the same scenario played out over and over again and again on ghost and Bigfoot shows. We are more than ready for something new, challenging, and perspective-imparting.

Come on production companies, get the hints! I'm totally ready to work with you to make these happen! 


  1. Sharon, these are ALL great ideas!I honestly would watch any or all of the shows you listed. :) Wow! The Habituation Situation is my fave!

    1. Thanks, Ashley. Now, to get a job as a producer!

  2. I would love to see your ideas happen.