My New Halloween Book is Available For Sale!

My newest book is up for sale now on Amazon and Kindle.

Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season! is so full of content it's bursting at the seams!

Here's just some of the things you'll find - 

How to express your love of Halloween year-round
How to make Halloween more horrifying including insane party ideas
How to enjoy a Gothic Halloween, talking to the dead, decorating, mood and atmosphere
How to enjoy a nostalgic/traditional Halloween including the decades of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, scarecrows, pumpkin patches, all the traditional trimmings
How to enjoy a sexy Halloween - an adult Halloween that is decadent, sensual, and downright naughty
Yard Haunts - how to design props for the maximum effect including lighting and arrangement, placement, and focus.
Phobia Theater - watch movies to challenge your fears - alone or with friends.
Movie and drink pairings - pick a theme from the list and find out what snacks and drinks to pair for a 3-movie marathon night
Pushing your fear tolerance - ways you can challenge yourself like you did as a kid - but with adult options. Everything from urban exploration and haunt tours, doing things in the dark, and many other creative and chilling challenges.
Spooky photography - chronicling your holiday season by giving your images an attitude
Carving - how to make the most out of pumpkin time
Dale the Doll - what is his story?
Recipes - Adult versions of Halloween favs
References - where to shop, Facebook groups, YouTube channels and more

I'm barely scratching the surface with this summary. The book takes you to lots of adult Halloween adventurous and nostalgic places with creative twists.

Thanks for supporting me while I got the book together for publishing. I have had some great readers who prodded me because I've said for years I wanted to get this Halloween book out and this was the year!

I've already begun to put up some Halloween around my place for my own fun while I watch horror movies. Here's what I have so far - a haunted doll corner and The Birds homage -

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