Sunday, August 28, 2016

Keen Halloween: THE Phoenix Event in September!

Phoenix is going to launch Halloween with a great event, Keen Halloween! I love to see Arizona embracing the spooky season. 

This event will be teaching how to do costumes and makeup, workshops and wicked vendors! If you love Halloween and cannot wait another month - GO!

They're opening up their castle for us to celebrate Halloween twice this year.

Each year of Keen Halloween will have it's own theme and characters, as designed by Daniel Davis. Drawing on Halloween lore, folktales, and myths Keen Halloween strives to create a Halloween .. that never-quite was.

Come meet Vlad the Impaler and his kids Betrix and Vlad Jr. Renfield who is floating above Chatterbox, while Gradpater Feratu looks on. The Bride looks stunning in her dress and her rosy cheeks and cannot wait to sink her teeth into delicious Halloween conversation with you.

There will be masters at DIY and tons of learning to be had, exciting displays, horrifying attendees and vendors. 

Halloween in September! 

Learn more at their site - LINK

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