Horror Movies on a Stormy Night

Do you have a stormy night? Or do you have a strobe that imitates lightning? Well, you might want to set the atmosphere for an evening of stormy horror movies. Here's my recommendations -

Start the atmosphere with candles and consider a few cheap pumpkin lightning lights in areas of the room to give a creepy effect. If you have tall shelves, put them up high so they flash on the ceiling. 

I think either sherry or port is a great accompaniment to the movie watching of this genre, perhaps even some little tea sandwiches. 

Use some pumpernickel or white bread for the sandwiches, remove the crusts, cut into triangles.

Fillings - 
Cucumber thin slices with ranch dressing.
Deviled Ham spread and cream cheese.
Pimento cheese spread.
Egg salad
Cream cheese with chives and smoked salmon 

Pumpkin masters lightning strobe

Electric candelabra

(1982) A suburban family finds out their home was built over a graveyard that wasn't moved and now their house is seriously under attack by poltergeists. THUNDERSTORM

Storm of the Century (1999) A small village is hit by a huge storm and a mysterious and terrifying visitor.  SNOW

The Shining (1980) A family takes care of a remote hotel during the winter season when the father gets cabin fever. SNOW

Frankenstein (1931) A scientist brings back to life a body made from corpses. THUNDERSTORM

Wind Chill (2007) Two college students get stuck in a snowstorm on the road and face some ghosts. SNOW

Dust Devil (1992) A woman escaping a bad husband runs into a mysterious hitchhiker. THUNDERSTORM

Friday the 13th (1980) Kids camp counselors are terrorized by a killer. THUNDERSTORM

Ghost Ship (2002) A ship crew finds an abandoned ship and its secrets still haunting it. THUNDERSTORM

The Evil Dead (1981) Friends go to a cabin in the woods only to deal with some demons. THUNDERSTORM

Psycho (1960) A woman thief stops off in a motel in the middle of nowhere to find her trouble is escalating. THUNDERSTORM

30 Days of Night (2007) A town in Alaska closes down and most of the citizens leave during one month of darkness. A group of vampires treats it like a buffet. SNOW

The Amityville Horror (1979) A family moves into a home to begin a new life only to find it has a tragic past and will break them apart. THUNDERSTORM

And Then There Were None  (1945) Ten strangers are called to an island where an unseen person is stalking and killing them. THUNDERSTORM

Cape Fear (1991) A lawyer is stalked by a con who is released to take his revenge on him by tormenting him and his family. THUNDERSTORM

The Covenant (2006) A New England boarding school houses descendants of warlocks with strong powers. A new girl at the school gets caught up in their battles. THUNDERSTORM

Gothika (2003) An amnesiac psychiatrist wakes up as a patient in her own hospital. THUNDERSTORM

Sleepy Hollow (1999) An investigator is sent to a village in the Hudson Valley where people are turning up headless and a ghostly headless figure on horseback is terrorizing everyone. THUNDERSTORM

The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Dr. Frankenstein makes his monster a bride. THUNDERSTORM

An American Werewolf in London (1981) Two young men backpack around the UK and succumb to werewolf attacks. THUNDERSTORM

The Skeleton Key (2005) A woman is hired to take care of a disabled elderly man in a home in the Deep South. There, she runs into some dark magic. THUNDERSORM