DIY Easy Simple Halloween Yard Haunt Props!

With just a few items and a basically handy hand , you can make some unique props to make your home the street's go-to haunt spot - 

Plastic Pumpkin


Doll Parts

Plastic Water Jugs

Plastic Skeletons


Cheesecloth or Tissue and Fabric Stiffener 


A gentle fan, some tattered sheets, and someone in a Michael Myers costume within....

Consider running clothesline cord for dangling skeletons, to clothespin up some stuffed dummies of kids in Halloween costumes, perhaps even some fake skin made with gelatin (pour liquid gelatin onto waxed paper to make sheets of skin-add some food coloring to make it flesh-toned)....

Simple things to have on hand that work in a lot of ways - 

Craft acrylic paints
Crackle medium (in the section at hobby store with craft acrylic paints)
Elmer's glue (mixed with water - great fabric stiffener and great for decoupage and paper mache)
Tissue paper and cheesecloth
Fishing line (hang things invisibly)

*These floating candles I did with battery-operated candlesticks and fishing wire tacked to the ceiling with a clear push-pin. Amazing effect. I have it above a table of doll heads and candles with a ghost mirror with a baby doll on it behind. The doll head ghost mirror is in my Etsy shop.

The best Halloween Yard Haunts are made with makeshift items. A trash dump out on a country roadway or an abandoned broken site could bring aged wood, broken window panes to make a faux wall near the front door. When visitors come up, tattered dirty stained curtains falling at the broken window, flashes of lightning, sounds of thunder, and a figure in the window.... a very creepy set made from found items. 

Think outside the box. 

The reason abandoned sites are creepy is that everything is nasty, left alone to age and decay....