Friday, July 29, 2016

Victorian Era Creepy Photos

There is no doubt the Victorian Era was a dark time in which people were immersed in deep thoughts, serious subjects like death, disease, deformities, and the spirit realm. With photography becoming en vogue, it produced an interesting archive of a difficult yet revolutionary transition to the modern era. Post mortem photos, ghost trickery in photographs, and trick photography were all popular methods of archiving the "awkward" adolescence of our modern times. 

And, the gothic architecture of Victorian times left us with aging shells that have reputations for hauntings and, no wonder! They look delightfully unsettling - 


  1. Those 'posthumous family photos' are a reminder to us that we sould be GRATEFUL that we have our modern 21st century medical technology.

    Just go to an old graveyard and look at all the 'small' headstones: Children who died young, or in infancy, or even at birth. And sometimes, their mothers died giving birth to them.

    And on THAT note....

  2. ...that photo of the man with the woman's head in his lap {I *presume* it is his wife}. That REALLY gives the term "giving head" an entirely DIFFERENT meaning. 《wink》