The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Missing Monkey Doll

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3
Field Trip #16
Thursday, April 7, 2016

After taking my mom to the doctor, I decided to visit 1B . I observed changes only. I did no new setups and left no food this trip. My typical clothing for this visit was not typical. My job work clothes only. I arrived at the parking area around 3:51 PM. The temperature was 85, warm with a blue sky and high clouds. This time I hiked to the site. After gearing up, I left the parking area approximately at 3:56 PM.

My observations with photos begin at the time:

On the way to the site, I stopped at the cedar tree location past the 0.25 mile marker.

#1. thru #4. The sticks have been moved.????

I arrived at the 1B pipes.

#5. and #6. The sticks and rocks set-up on pipe #2 have been moved around. ?????

#7. The monkey doll has been taken from the crook of the tree shown. ????

#8. thru # #10. The set-up with tires, 2x4's, balls, painted sticks and gorilla doll 'little Joe Young' have been scattered around.????

#11. thru #14. The food bucket on the tree by the pipes was pulled away from the tree. Possibly a raccoon my have been on top and the weight may have caused it to pull away as it was not nailed securely. Also food wrappers are scattered across the immediate area.

#15. At the deeper site food bucket, food wrappers scattered.????

#16. My greetings, photo sheet was on the ground near one of the Christmas tree metal ball decorations.???

#17. and #18. The painted water meter covers, painted yellow bottles and balls have been moved around with wrappers close-by.????

#19. My camcorder tripod with poncho cover has been knocked over.???? This has been on location for a long time without being bothered. ????

#20. thru #22. This set-up in three sections has items knocked over in each section. ????

#23. At this set-up, the blue letters re-arranged and balls moved around.????

#24. The umbrella has been moved to cover the 'Clyde' doll lower.????

#25. The bottle was laying on its side on the set-up.?????

#26. Again, parts off the 'stick' person has been re-arranged with some of the sticks turned to the natural, unpainted side.????

#27. and #28. The balls buckets have been angled again.????

#29. The green cap was found on the ground.????

#30. The yellow painted tire has been moved. It was wedged between the center of the limbs. The tire was just hanging between the 2 limbs. ???

While I was messing around the deeper set-ups. I took out my flute and blew some notes. I guess I surprised 'whatever'. To the east of the site, something took off thru the woods, running with steps. There were maybe a dozen steps then it stopped. I did not pursue but kept my close-by activity on-going but speaking in that direction. After making final observations and photos, I left the site.

As noted, there seemed to be a lot of activity with items being messed with. The main item to me was the missing 'monkey' doll. I hope it gets brought back eventually. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.

This concludes field report #16 for Thursday April 7, 2016.