Pokemon Go Accidents, Injuries and Death

Arizona Highway sign

It's hard to not shake your head with wonder at how devices are leading people off cliffs and into oncoming traffic. It has been bad enough with cell phones, but now it seems that insurance companies and officers might need to check people's phone apps when they cause collisions to see if they are loaded up with Pokemon Go! 

Two men fell off a cliff chasing Pokemon (LINK)

A man stopped in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu (LINK)

A man was stabbed in Anaheim Park in the middle of the night while playing Pokemon (LINK).

An Oregon man was stabbed while playing (LINK)

A couple jumped over a fence at the zoo to chase a Pokemon (LINK

A girl was hit by a car while playing (LINK)

A player crashed his car into a tree (LINK)

Two teens sneaked out of the house to chase a rare Pokemon one evening and one of them wandered into someone's yard, realizing the rare Pokemon was inside the residence. One teen tried to break in and was shot and killed (LINK). 

These folks who are playing the game and blindly following can be lead into very dangerous life-threatening situations including being lured into a trap by armed robbers (LINK). 

Yes, we want people to get out and exercise and perhaps lift their heads from screens to interact with other human beings, but we do not want to lure them into private property, off cliffs, into oncoming traffic, or dangerous situations in the middle of the night. 

These zombie-like players are dangerous and in danger. I do not want to drive the roadways with them and I do not want to have them coming onto my porch where I might have to dispatch them. 

It's time to end the madness before more lives are lost and children endangered. This game needs to be put away. 

When people are out in the public realm, outdoors, bicycling, walking, driving, they should not be in front of a screen. Screens are for indoors. The two are incompatible. Use commonsense. Players may not care about their own safety, but please don't drag non-players into accidents.

Lawsuits will ensue, no doubt.


  1. Maybe I shoulshould try it. Peppymon.

  2. Superfluous boggartJuly 16, 2016 at 10:23 PM

    Just a heads up, anything from cartelpress is fake. The massive car accident over a Pikachu didn't happen, the kid breaking into a house and getting shot didn't happen. Sadly, all of the others you have sourced are true.


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