Horror-Themed Weddings

Of all the thousands of ways a person could plan their wedding, one of the most intriguing is to honor the love of horror. 

Being an individual is critical to horror-lovers. By natures, the goths and the horror hounds tend to know that their interests and proclivities don't fit into regular population, so they become loners often times and isolated. But, when a wedding is called for, it is one time to assert their individuality and say, "I am so okay with what I love, that I want everyone to share in this experience and honor that I am unique."

How often in our lifetimes are we called on to put on a show? Weddings and funerals are the main events for spectacles that include audiences, ceremony, music, and honoring lives. 

There are Edgar Allan Poe Gothic, Phantom of the Opera types of weddings that look like something out of a dark castle in the Victorian Era or Medieval Times. Then, there are specific horror-themed weddings including zombies or vampires, ghosts or serial killers. There are also more playful fantasy-related wedding themes. It all depends on the degree by which the couple wants to exert their obsessions and creativity. 

There is no greater opportunity for horror theater than a wedding and all the dynamics that can capture the visuals, atmosphere, foods, music, and moods that a couple adores.

Locations can include anything from cemeteries and gothic churches to underground bunkers, dark forests, and empty warehouses. Setting the mood for the wedding is critical. 

Horror wedding cakes challenge even the best bakers but the results can be stunning - 

Some favorite themes for brides and grooms include; Halloween, particular horror movies, Gothic, Vampires, zombies, death, asylum, cemeteries, Voo Doo, Friday the 13th, Day of the Dead, Frankenstein and bride, Wicker Man, Punk, Fantasy, Steampunk.

Hand it to Las Vegas for being able to accommodate such unique needs!  Viva Las Vegas Weddings offers these themes - Ghoulish Gazebo, Graveyard Wedding, Dracula's Tomb, Gothic Wedding, Zombie Wedding, Wedding With Edward, Alice Cooper Wedding, Rocky's Horror Wedding, and When Vampires Fly!

Toe tags as place markers

Invitations can be very creative

Horror-themed bouquets go dark 

The #1 day for a horror-themed wedding? Halloween, of course! 

The gowns can be stunning - 

Ultimately, the point comes across, "til death do us part."