Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Horror Movie Locations

One of the best points of horror movies is taking us to locations where the imagination can take hold and terror can elevate. Let's take a look at some inspiring horror movie locations  - 

Point Reyes Lighthouse in Northern California is a very foggy location and photographically gorgeous. The 1979 film "The Fog" found an ideal locale. The priest's church was filmed at Episcopal Church of the Ascension, East Laurel Avenue, Sierra Madre, California.

The Stephen King novel based movie "Rose Red" was an exceptionally impressive mansion. Thornewood Castle is found in Tacoma, Washington In 1907, a man named Mr. Thorne, bought an English Tudor mansion that was hundreds of years old. He had it disassembled and brought to Washington to build for his bride on the lakefront. 

"Night of the Living Dead" goes down in most horror lovers' hearts as one of the most bleak locations for an end-of-the-world scenario. Even though the farmhouse in Evans City (outside of Pittsburgh) is demolished, the cemetery is very much intact and exactly as it looked in the movie. I went there for a visit a few years ago and it truly felt like we were alone in the world.

The classic Hitchcock film, "The Birds" was a special location. In fact, as a child my father wanted to move to Bodega Bay and looked into potential places for us to move to there. My only impression of it was from the movie and I was fascinated and a bit horrified at the notion. If the schoolhouse were available or even Mitch's house on the water, I would have wanted to go in a heartbeat. Let's take a look at the town of Bodega Bay where the movie took place. 

The diner was "Tides Wharf and Restaurant" in Bodega Bay. Interestingly, the roads around Bodega Bay were used for the movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The schoolhouse is now a private residence, although it was actually used as a schoolhouse at one time. 

I sometimes watch "Halloween" and think how awesome the movie would have been if they had done it in a genuinely autumnal location. It was bright green and occasional palm tree spotted for Haddonfield, Illinois supposed location. It was filmed in Pasadena. 

Whenever you're taking a trek, you might want to check out if any movies were filmed in that city. It's an interesting side trek to get some photos of an iconic structure. 

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