Crop Circles: A Breakthrough Hypothesis!

I am always thrilled to bring new ways of looking at things, new hypotheses, conjecture, and the legends to the blog so you readers can get fresh input to come to your own conclusions. I haven't covered crop circles as much as I would like to on the blog and I hope to remedy that. I get caught up on certain studies of my research and focus on those subjects and forget to bring in other exciting unexplained titles. 

I came across a book by Ken Heck, The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circles Unveiled and found it is an ideal focus for this discussion about crop circles. Here is the book's description and the link (below) to upload the book for free.

I am always thrilled to see people looking at an unexplained subject with a new angle. Too many go on working to support existing theories or just assuming they understand the unexplained by what they were told it is. That is so wrong. When you have a subject you cannot even prove exists, what good does it do assuming we have a book of answers. I get frustrated by those who spout concepts such as ghosts being trapped or not knowing they are dead and such, it perpetuates one line of thinking that was popularized. It is an easy catch-all for those who don't want to figure out the other potential reasons the unexpected is happening in a certain place or time.

In this book, Heck proposes that the earth was bombarded by targeted specific comets to make specific outcomes occur. In this book, Heck shows a chart of comets and the crop circles that "tell" of them.  The book is extensive and also covers Genesis from the Bible and how this can be interpreted in a hypothesis that sounds reasonable. This book is exceedingly well thought out and researched with the graphics displaying crop circles and their relation to the story of directed comets.

All I can say about this book is that it is a revolutionary way of looking at the symbols and what they might correlate to. It is well researched, well thought out and written. This is the kind of out of the box thinking I promote on the blog and for curious minds to utilize. I highly suggest you give this book a read and see if you don't perceive the universe in a very elevated and enlightened way.

Book description and link to free copy - below

Thousands of crop circles have been discovered and recorded in this generation, but no interpretative key has been available until now. This book, unique in crop circle literature, deciphers 1,700 circles as signs of a sequence of comet strikes extending over the next 250 years which will contribute to repeated crop shortages. The extraterrestrial circle makers will be artificially directing these cosmic bodies to their impact areas, but before they begin, they are revealing a large number of significant details about the whole process. Using the crop circles, plus biblical and personal prophecies, the author has derived approximate dates and locations for the global impacts.

According to the author, directed comets have played an essential role in the evolution of life on this planet for millions, even billions of years. In fact, the general shape of most plants and animals originates from the comet shape, and the sexual reproductive cycle emulates the primordial act of a comet striking the earth. New and improved plant species to eliminate world hunger will become an integral part of the biosphere as the comets appear. Comet strikes have always been necessary for pollinating the flower of life, and creating new species, a new age and a new earth.

The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circles Unveiled is essential reading for anyone seriously concerned with crop circles, potential asteroid or comet impacts, prophecy, and the intrinsic nature of life on this planet.


  1. Interesting but I believe that almost all crop circles are hoaxes.


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