Saturday, July 16, 2016

Believe: Souls Captured On Film?

Could a soul be captured on film, digital camera or cell phone photography? It's been debated ever since the invention of the camera and continues today - 

The Victorian Era in the late 1800s and early 1900s was obsessed with supposed spirit photography once they learned how to play with photographic effects.

Ghost photography hasn't stopped being an obsession but more and more researchers are realizing it is almost impossible to find truly unexplainable photographs and with the capabilities of cell phone apps and Photoshop to rig photos, it gets more and more complicated to find anything genuinely unexplained.

In Kentucky, a bystander took a photo with his cell phone of a motorcycle accident victim and the workers trying to save his life. The man later died at the hospital. But, an oddity showed up over the body - 

It's hard to zoom in on a digital photo and get a very accurate image of what you're seeing, but it seems as if something almost translucent is over the trooper and above him, making the trees show through and seem lighter. 

There is a great follow-up observation found in an article that takes into account the possibility of dust, although I think getting dust inside of a cell phone is next to impossible, although it could have been on the lens.  LINK HERE TO ARTICLE

I attempted some experiments with my cell phone zoomed and taking shots with dust, dirt, and even a smear of cream cheese.

dust from a ceiling fan held in front of lens

hairs dangled in front, don't show

very tiny bit of cream cheese

particles of dirt on the lens

This photo above supposedly captures the gas discharge from the body as a man was dying. Now, whether we can verify this or not remains to be seen. It is a beautiful image and a wonderful concept, but if you want to learn more about this supposed doctor's findings, I suggest you go to this BLOG

- The case of the wife's spirit - 

Hippolyte Baraduc in 1913 did a study of the soul on film. In fact, he photographed his wife after her death.

I'm not certain we can say that cameras that capture the spectrum we see would capture things we do not see. That being said, there are lots of strides these days in the use of other cameras like UV, IR, FLIR thermal imaging and CCD cameras that are capturing ultraviolet, infrared, thermal, and even bioluminescence. 

What form of energy do we have upon death? That's hard to say, as we still don't understand that transference. But, it is intriguing to look at Victorian Era camera trick photography and today's photos that are said to capture an image of a spirit, and ponder - just what will pick up the spirit and will the spirit have form when it no longer needs form??

For anyone who has seen auras, they know that their very shape doesn't correspond to the physical being who possesses it. We are fuzzy, shape shifting, colorful, and dynamic. And, so our energy should take many forms, shapes, colors, densities and the like.

In this Kirlian (aura) photo, I told the photographer, I was going to bring forth all the spirits that surround me all the time - she smiled at the notion - and then the photo developed before our eyes!

With this aura photo, I told the photographer, I was going to look at the point in space where I get my psychic info - She blinked, as she had never heard that before. Then, peeled back the photo cover and we studied it as it developed before our eyes. 

Now, we enter the spirit realm truly with this photo. My brother had died 3 weeks earlier but I felt him over my right shoulder all the time. I told the photographer this and she took the shot. Voila! There was Scott! I think the photographer was ready to retire at that point!

These aura photos bring up another possibility. In the photo of the supposed spirit leaving the body in the motorcycle accident scene above, the photographer himself had latent psychic skills. The fact is, people who have shown repeated ability to capture things on film say they had a strange pull to take a picture there at that moment - that has been the same for me. When I have gotten things, I felt some unexplained desperation to take a shot at that moment in that direction. Is it psychokinesis (PK) affecting objects with te mind or intuitively ideal timing and positioning to get something a camera could get, but only at that fraction of a second at that exact spot.

The last possible explanation is that he took the shot through a window that had a smudge on it. Now, I have exhausted all the possibilities in this post. I leave you to ponder it yourselves. 

The capturing of souls on film will always be a controversy but if we learn the conditions in which it occurs, we might learn to perfect conditions and timing and see a lot more physically about the transference of energy that occurs upon death.

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