Saturday, July 2, 2016

Believe: How Do We Explain the Birth of the Universe?

Did God create the universe in seven days? How do we explain such a feat? Well, as this is a physical world, there had to be some scientific and technical tools at hand to birth such a magnificent wonder!

We have mostly attached our thinking to the big bang theory as to the creation of the universe, like a sort of nuclear explosion that spread out through an endless void to create spinning planets, orbiting moons, massive stars, and the rest of what makes up our universe. 

The simple term "universe" in itself has a connotation of being a noun, a place. Places have a way to circumscribe them, to point and say "there!" But the talk of an infinite universe means no end, no defining boundaries, it is everything and everything within which includes all the dark matter, black holes, as of yet undefined entities, life forms, chemical reactions, gaseous compounds, neutrons, particles, photons....

In other words, the universe is a "collective."

I sometimes look at the universe and realize that we are only looking at it from the viewpoint of 3-dimensional physical beings living in a mortal world in which everything around us is like a staged play laid out. 

Our references are time and place - "I will be over there at 3 o'clock," "you are here, I am there," "we are 12 miles apart," "I thought about that yesterday." 

Our whole frame of reference is so very linear that we are not getting the bigger scope. It would be like asking a 2-dimensional being to explain the universe - he might speculate that past the dot in front of him is another dot, but all his thoughts of how it came to be there would involve magic or cataclysm.

Perhaps what we are experiencing has a reference that is so outside our box of thinking that we cannot in our realm explain the actual birth of what we perceive as the universe, as it may be part of something bigger like that 2-dimensional photograph was just a picture on a wall in a 3-dimensional world....

We are limited by our senses and our points of reference. If someone's point of reference is God and the Bible, then seeing a rainbow after someone's death might be a "sign."

If that 2-dimensional photograph on the wall tried to explain his world by his knowledge, he would define all that is in the 2-dimensional vision and speculate what might be further out there that he cannot see on his 2-dimensional plane. He may see a series of dots about him and speculate on how they got there and what they mean, but he cannot see the dots further out on his photograph, he cannot even begin to comprehend it is nothing but a flat prop in a 3-dimensional room. He would not understand that his universe is missing other elements and that it is minuscule in the scene of that room in that house in that town in that state in that continent in that world in that galaxy.... 

We can speculate on this universe that we believe our telescopes can help define, but we are still only plumbing the depths of this physical realm and not what it means to the next dimension and the next and the next....

Like cells in a body, we might see the cells around us, but we don't understand we make up an entire being. Such concepts are enormous, including a circulatory system, respiratory system, organs, skin, hair, bone.... Those cells are such a tiny part of it all that they cannot step back to see the whole.

The birth of the universe? Perhaps it's beyond our scope to fathom. 

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