Thursday, July 14, 2016

Are Adolescent Bigfoots Rebelling?

(From the movie "Bigfoot") 

As in our own culture, there once was a time when youth respected their elders and their ways. They listened intently to their legends and took them to heart, embraced the responsibility of being a next generation to carry on with their ways, and didn't ask why.

The 1960s brought a whole new attitude for youth, something that had percolated in the 1950s when they got their first cars and freedom. 

I have heard many reports in the past year of brave Bigfoot youths approaching people on their hikes, habituators' homes, and not worrying too much about being seen. They act as if they are eager to be near us, to have our things, to see what goodies we leave out in the open to steal.

It might start with simple tree peeking and shadowing through the woods and escalate into taking items from a campsite or yard and even peering into windows and pushing on doorknobs to try to get inside, rummaging through cars, and more assertive gestures like tossing pebbles and acorns nearby. 

They always choose to do these things without being caught. The last thing they want is our ire. They know what we are capable of, but they also find our lives and things very interesting. 

In a way, it might be like our youth who might drive a bit faster, do dangerous things as if defying the constraints and limitations they had under their parents' rule. 

There is a generation of Bigfoot who have grown up in a more "urban" setting. They have learned to depend on things like city park trash, dumpsters behind strip malls and rest stop refuse. They have learned we leave our stuff outside, that we utilize unattended items like trash can lids and shovels. We are an easy resource for "stuff."

The fact is, more of us are running into them and getting glimpses and when they realize that they have been seen and nothing horrible happened, all adult admonishments and urban legends to avoid the hairless ones, are dissolved. The more often they are seen without harm, the more they realize their parents might have over-exaggerated. 

I think it's getting harder for the elders to teach them caution around us. They see us as a source of amusement, interest, and lots of goodies. It's like those birds at McDonald's parking lot that stare you down like they're daring you. They don't even flinch as they wait for french fries.

It could be that every generation faces the exuberant youths who eventually settle down into cautious adults. That is a theme for all humankind.

Some habituators have reported that youths in the Bigfoot clans have to count coup on us hairless ones. They are supposedly tested to try and touch one of us without our knowing. This would be an excellent test for a secreted people who need to always know how to be invisible in our presence. Their invisibility has more to do with blending in and making no movements to draw attention.

I am not sure that the youths these days lack the skills their parents did, they simply lack the fears that their parents had at their age

One habituator told me - 

 "I was on my daily hike through the woods along the path I always take. I wanted them to get used to my routine and the time of day I walk. I came up a slight incline to a flat area and the trees are crowded in tightly there. I turned my head and looked around when I saw a head and shoulder that didn't quite fit behind a tree not 25 feet away. It wasn't as tall as some of the big boys I've caught glimpses of, so I figured he was maybe my height, just under 6 feet. As if he knew I saw him, he turned sideways behind the tree so I couldn't see his shoulder and the edge of his head. I wanted to chuckle. Days later, he did it again, I caught him behind a tree not far from that one. It's like he rushes up to watch me go by. I just whistled and continued on." 

As always, the Tall Ones choose who they want to get closer interaction with. They are pretty discerning about a person's actions and energy, as if they can read intent. Even though the youths are willing to rush up on the area we are in, they only do this for those of us they feel curiously comfortable with. 

And, that is very reassuring as we cannot all be trusted, even among ourselves.


  1. We had one steal a gallon of milk off the tailgate of my pickup between loads of groceries into the house. 2 days later he he poked a hole in a screen in daylight and pushed a rare snake through that ended up in bed with my roommate. Was it payment for the milk? We may never know.