Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5 Ways To Cleanse Your Home of Haunting Activity

There are lots of ways to handle haunting activity in a home. One of the most common ways is to buckle up and deal with it alone. By the time people contact teams, they have run out of options and are just plain tired. Determining if the home is haunted is a first step, but for those who are having unusual occurrences in the home, there are some very no-nonsense ways to eliminate anything that feels negative. It can simply be the bad chemistry/mindset of family members that are creating a tone in the home or it could be genuine unexplained events, but either way these five tools can help the situation. 

1.  Create a positive shield. This includes the use of pleasant upbeat happy music, an open religious text set on a table (Bible or other religious book that you personally follow), as well as a grouping of happy pictures of loved ones, nature items you adore like shells, rocks, flowers, religious idols, mementos that make you happy - all in a grouping in one spot in the home, like a table top or bookshelf.

2. Proper Feng Shui. Sunlight, good lighting, and clearing out clutter so that energy flows have a strong impact on both the living and the non-living. If you have ever straightened up your home and organized it and then sat down to relax, you probably found a huge feeling of relief at having open spaces, bright light, and no clutter. So it is with a home with spirits, these energies ("qi") use the path of least resistance. A simple cleaning job and good lighting is sufficient in most cases to have a considerable difference. As well, be sure to move alarm clocks and electronic devices a few feet away from the head of your bed, they can put off a good deal of EMF (electromagnetic fields) that you are unnerved by it.

3.  Saging, fountains, air purifiers. Interestingly, the use of negative ion-producing devices actually helps us to be energized and give feel-good sensations. They don't just make us feel good, but moving water, burning sage, and air purifiers weigh down positive ions that contain particulates and pollutants. You are cleaning the air of what it holds, as well as giving yourself feelings that are positive. This cleansing can be just what is needed for the home and the occupants. 

4.  Spiritual reinforcement. The use of faith as a tool against negative things is extremely effective. It only matters that it is your beliefs you are adhering to. If you are not Catholic but a ghost investigation team wants to use holy water, this is going to be of no consequence because the occupants of the home and their mental and spiritual state affects the energies within. Some homes are haunted but a family moves in and nothing happens, another family moves in to that house and all hell breaks loose. We are a factor in the degree and types of haunting we experience. It is vital that we adhere to beliefs we personally hold, even if it is Buddhist, Pagan, Christian or other. You may not have a defined religious practice, but are spiritually minded. If you meditate or you do yoga or prayer, find a trouble room to do this in to change the very milieu of it. If you are comfortable with having religious figures into the home to perform prayers, use salt, holy water, saging, or protections, do so. But, do this only in a belief system you concur with.  

5. Confrontational talk and journal writing. This technique is perhaps the most effective one I have found so far. Voicing as a family unit (unless you have young ones, they don't need to know or participate), your displeasure in having anyone that is not family in your home and that they must move on and find a new residence to inhabit, is very effective. Equally as effective is to keep a spiral notebook on the counter with a pen and whenever anyone experiences something, write the date, time, and what happened, who was in the home and make notes of anything else like lightning storms going on or family members arguing or being sick. You begin to see patterns when you do this and you also learns who is having the most witnessed activity or where. Over time what happens is that members of the household become so glad to "narc" on the spirits that they get excited when something happens instead of afraid. This shifts the power over to the family members and almost always drives out activity. 

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