The Ghost of Audley Square

If you are in the Sacramento area and want to do something new and unusual, you will want to attend "The Ghost of Audley Square." 

The Ghost Of Audley Square – World premiere of an eerie tale of suspense set in pre-WW1 London. Highly unique fusion of ballet and theatre written by professional choreographer and playwright, Anne Merino. Starring Anya Wong in the title role, Joseph Kiefer as Edwin and Derek Troy as Lord Varick.

Also on the bill:

The premiere of Lazarus/David Bowie 1947-2016 – a heartfelt tribute choreographed by Anne Merino who was a friend of David Bowie’s for nearly four decades.

When: M, 6/20, 6:30 pm and F, 6/24, 6:30 pm.

Price: $18.00 tickets will be available at the door.

Ages: All ages

For more information about this activity, contact
Dance Elite at
Phone: (916) 632-9498