Ghosting, Arcosanti and a Fantastic Presidential Candidate!

Julie Ferguson and I had a fun time this past weekend in Central Arizona. We had a speaking engagement about ghosts at the anniversary of the High Desert Museum. We also stayed at Arcosanti where we got to talk ghosts and demonstrate ghost hunting techniques.

I recommend if you live in the Cordes Junction area that you volunteer at the museum. It is run by a group of fantastic folks who are knowledgeable and love what they do. It's becoming a real hub of the area and I'm excited to see it expand even more. The history and heritage in that area is valuable. 

I have to say that my experience at Arcosanti was so profound, that I must make regular pilgrimages back throughout the year to balance myself out. I met many very educated, independent thinkers, philosophers, artists, craftsmen, and the like. 

The discussions were thought-provoking and the peaceful sounds of birds, wind, and Paolo Soleri bells ringing around the grounds, grape vines and fig trees in abundance, very tasty healthy food, lots of hiking around, and huge scenic vistas had me coming back to the concrete jungle feeling even more sure who I am and what I value. The ties to earth, art, hard work, and communal living was my reset button.

I was renewed to come home and work on some my latest paintings, including this sunflower one I only just began - 

and this Sunrise Surfer that is almost finished - 

I highly recommend going there and the Sky Suite was stunning - 

The view up there was amazing!

It is like a gigantic living organism on the cliff in the gorgeous Central Arizona climate. You climb stairs, meander pathways, run across a green house, a beekeeper, solar panels, gray water capture, fig trees, grape vines, a huge variety of birds, and friendly people who love crafting bells, making pottery, and showing a communal vision that the great architect, Paolo Soleri envisioned. 

Julie and I both found our zen - 

We definitely plan to make this a regular pilgrimage!

As if it weren't a great enough time being at Arcosanti, we met up with a woman running as an independent in the presidential election, Dr. Lynn Kahn. We had extensive discussions with her and both Julie and I left, realizing that we had been considering not even voting this year because of the poor choices and now we found an intelligent and very experienced candidate who understood the priorities and has the background in government work and the White House to totally get it done! 

We had a vigorous discussion in the morning over breakfast at the flat she was staying in as she was preparing to hit the road to more states. 

We strongly encourage you to learn more about Dr. Lynn Zahn and sign the petition to get her on your state's ballot! We need her now!