Best Campfire Cooking Tips

Cornmeal pancake mix and sausages (mix the pancake mix in a jar and carry that way)

One-pot cooking, camp cooking, mason jar meals - all are the rage right now. They are also really practical for camping, cabin rentals, studio motel rooms, and even at home! Keep it simple - it's summer!

sliced apple, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon

Simple camping grill 

A brilliant idea to use corn chips - some to start the fire, and then pile them in the iron skillet with fixings for nachos!!

Eggs, cheese, cooked sausage bits, green onions and seasoning - put it in a jar and bring with the little loaves. Cut top off, remove bread inside (save later for dipping), and pour contents in, wrap in foil, heat over fire until cooked. Instant breakfast!

Packing eggs

Bring ready pancake mix for cooking -

Beans and bacon in skillet

When ready to serve sangria, add Fresca -

Toast, eggs, bacon - 

Hollow out orange, fill with brownie mix, wrap in foil and cook!

Crescent roll wrapped over hot dog on a stick
no need to squish hot dog buns in your pack

Kabobs - have cut ingredients in bag with marinade

My usual dessert option - banana opened, sprinkled with choc chips and marshmallows and optional nuts, closed up, wrapped in foil and heated. Eat with spoon.

Kielbasa sliced, potatoes, peppers, zucchini, seasonings, steam inside the tin foil.

Mason Jar Meals are a great camping idea - put it all into a jar you can pour into a pan to cook - no dicing, no packaging - just ready to go!
Mason Jar Meal for meatless folks - 
Jar Layers, bottom to top:
3 cups cooked quinoa
1 cup small-chop, steamed broccoli
1 cup corn
1 cup Craisins
1 cup feta

Pour your quinoa-filled mason jar into a hot pan with canola oil. Stir until the feta has melted. Top with crushed pistachios or almonds, and serve with a side salad.

The key to good camping cooking is really all in the prep before you leave home. You shouldn't have to tote ingredients and cut and mix and marinate there. It should be ready go to - put marinade in a bag with the cut up veggies and meat and use cleaned out jars to do things like carry rice with seasonings in a baby food jar and then use two jars full of water to steam it - making the jar a carrier of the dried rice and a measuring cup for the water. 

When you can do things in a casserole style, like eggs mixed with sausage bits and green onions, you have just made a breakfast in a jar.  If you layer a jar with items to be sauteed, you just made it easier. You can put seasonings inside of straws and then fold the ends and tape them. They take up little room and are easy to use. 

Good luck with camping and enjoy the outdoor food - it always tastes better outdoors!