Believe: Psychic Tracking

Psychic tracking 

What is it? How is it done? How do you develop this skill? What is it useful for?

Psychic tracking is a form of psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to touch an object and pick up visions, memories, feelings and more of the people who had contact with that object. 

To walk a path someone else walked and see things through their eyes, their feeilngs, what they were ruminating about, how they felt physically - that is psychic tracking.

I began working my skills in this when I had a friend over at my home and she sat down in a chair and rested while I finished getting some things done in the over room. When I came back in the room, she got up to use the restroom and I sat down in her chair to rest. Suddenly, I was flooded with all this information....

When my friend came back, I asked her a lot of pointed questions and she about fell on the floor realizing I knew things I shouldn't know, things she was thinking about as she waited for me.

It was then that I realized, sometimes perhaps being in a spot a person was in, I could realize something about their internal workings. In fact, there were lots of times I experienced odd mental pictures or thoughts coming to mind when I followed people on the street. I had gone through lots of haunted sites and been able to simply read the space and past events and emotions. 

I started to experiment with a friend, having her walk away and think about something rather emotional. I turned my back, waited for her to call out and then I started to walk myself the way she meandered, getting images, feelings, and some memories. 

Using psychic skills means tapping information without letting ego guide you. Ego says, "well, it's illogical that she walked this direction, she probably took the straight wait...." The problem with that is you are now questioning what you intuitively know. You want to be right and to you, right means the thing with highest probability. Putting ego aside to use skills is a mastery that is vital. This is why those who run psychic channels and shows and the like get in trouble: They are trying to produce results to make someone happy. They may say your Uncle Bernie loved you when he was an angry bitter bastard, but the chances are a dead relative is loved and missed.

If it helps you, hug the person before they go on their stroll.  This is the psychic equivalent of a bloodhound getting a scent. Just drink in their energy. Turn away, let them take the path. They will call you when they are done.

Now, follow that energy - that feeling you got from them. The draw is not with the eyes, but internally. It's like when you first jumped off a diving board and you had to get up that gumption in your belly. It was the "NOW!" within that made you jump. Let that part of you guide you. 

Take your time. Stop if you must. Once you know the emotion they were experiencing, that is the hardest battle. You can then follow that emotion and it shows you where to go. 

One time, I followed a path and started skipping. I don't know why, but some inner joy made me want to skip. Interestingly, the person who did the walk was thinking about when they were a kid and they actually did skip as they took the path. 

You might get images in your head, associations, memories, feelings, scents, sounds. You may find yourself turning your head and gazing out or pivoting and changing direction. Don't worry about being wrong - be focused on finding what feels "right." When you backtrack of follow these whims, it often means you are seeing through their eyes. 

I usually say what I'm getting out loud as I walk, but I DO NOT look at the person and I tell them not to speak. I want no feedback that will guide me. I just walk, looking down and call out "I am feeling lonely, isolated, rejected. A group of women. I thought they were friends, but they snubbed me.... Color blue. Someone tried to come back and apologize, but I don't want to bring her back into my life...." 

Just let it all out. The target person will figure out what was relevant. 

When you are done, the target person will tell you if anything you just announced was accurate. When you are spot-on, you recognize that feeling in your mind and body when you followed the right path, the right instincts, the right messages in your mind. Then, you work your skills. 

Painting I just started and am working on -

Someone asked me about my paintings - how do I paint when I have no training? I can only explain that it feels as if I am "channeling," a place in the mind and soul that has wisdom beyond what my head knows. It's an instinct more than a thought. It is exactly the psychic intuitive at work. 

When I get that feeling - that special kind of energy where I am extremely present in the moment, alert, but not full of clustered thinking - like a river flowing around rocks - that's when I'm in the psychic groove. 

Learn that feeling, recognize it.

I also suggest you consider online PSI testing daily so you can begin to recognize that synchronicity when you get the right choices....