Believe: Getting a Grasp On What the Afterlife is Like

We strive to understand the universality of the afterlife, but we are as flat as a 2D photograph in our understanding. 

Imagine of a photo of you could be you for a day - she/he would go back and be unable to describe the experience of depth, life, biology, thought, smells, tastes, feelings... So much more information than she/he had in a photograph.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

In other words, when you think about attending your spirituality last on your to-do list, consider this - you are a spirit with a side order of human, not a human with a side order of spirit.

Reports by people who had near-death experiences reports a universal all-at-once/no-time/no-space/all-encompassing feeling of fluidity, belonging, relief, and enlightenment.  They come back often reporting that it was the REAL world and this one is a fake.

I am certain that Mrs./Mr. Photograph would say the same to the other photographs if she/he could. She/he would lack terminology, explanation of what depth and biology are like, movement and thought. And her/his fellow photographs who have no point of reference would be baffled. And so it is for those who get a glimpse into the next world.

In this book Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander, M.D. had quite a vivid and lengthy experience with the other realm. This neurosurgeon whose mind was in science, was humbled to realize that what we know of the world is dwarfed many times over by the reality of the world. 

This woman in the video (below) gives a very vivid account. 

We cannot perceive of a point of reference we have never had. Just as a stock trader in New York may not be able to imagine the life of a fishermen in Chile. We simply have no body of experience with that added dimension to our world. 

The photo may not have had intelligence or biology or movement and depth, but those elements change it from a flat facsimile of a moment in time captured in physical resemblance to a human being. That simple added dimension created that much more "reality" to the world. 

So it is from our world to the next, added elements in our perception, content, understanding and reach creates something oh so much more alive than we are now....