Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!

I am soon releasing my newest book Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!

For those of us who love Halloween, it's not just a holiday, it's a season!

If you are nostalgic for childhood Halloween, get into the season and want to take it up a notch, wish you could just claim that time of year for yourself and not just the kiddies, then this book is an ideal read.

I cover everything from how to have Halloween in your everyday life, from your home and fashion, entertainment choices and collectibles. 

I take the reader through ways to adult your Halloween:
Horrifying Halloween (much more hardcore horror) Nostalgic/Traditional Halloween (50s/60s/70s, traditional autumn Halloween themes).
Gothic Halloween (for a classy adult take)
Sexy Halloween (definitely naughty adult!). 

There is a section just for horror movie genre types for a 3-movie marathon using drink and food pairings for you guests. Themes include - 
Gothic Setting
Relentless Stalking
Darkest Autumn
Road Terror
Man Beast

There is also a huge section of resources from where to shop for items to best Halloween horror movies, Facebook pages that support your love of Halloween, and YouTube channels to subscribe to. 

When you are done with the book, I suspect you are going to refer to it often. I offer a lot of great concepts on how to adult your Halloween from activities and decorations to parties and games.

I've had a blast writing this one and am in the editing process right now. Expect it out this July and I will definitely let my readers know the minute it's up on Kindle! 

BTW, have a few more books coming this summer/fall


  1. Looking forward to reading it and besides being informative sounds like the fun read.


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