Urban Daredevils

Daredevil Selfies

What can you do for thrills in the city? Well, most folks go to a bar and close the place at 3 am, perhaps even join in a rave, but hey there's thrill-seeking to be had!


With the rage of selfies being taken in precarious and dangerous situations, skyscraper selfies are perhaps the most horrifying and palm-sweating of the bunch. Yes, there are people dumb enough with so little regard for their lives and the people below that they must just climb up there and get a shot. Hello, there's Photoshop, dudes! 


Base jumping is jumping off a stationary object with a parachute. These usually include cliffs and waterfalls, but in the case of urban situations, well, high rises.


This performance art is based on a combination of gymnastics and military course training. It emphasis the use of the items in the environment to test one's athletic prowess, coordination, strength, speed, and flexibility. 

Tightrope Walking

Perhaps the most notorious tightrope walking event in a city was between the Twin Towers by Phillippe Petit in 1974.  

High Rise Free Climbing

Some might call free climbing a mental illness others consider it extreme bravery. Lots of people go forth pushing the envelope to see what they are capable of, for some that might mean selling more cars in a month or losing 10 pounds, and for others it means hugging a building with no ropes.

For the more sedate folks, a daredevil urban event might be going to a restaurant dive and risking ordering the fish or maybe setting up a telescope in their window and watching the building across the way. For others, it might involve parking and driving in the city streets. But, there are a few adrenalin-jockeys who put their hands and their feet into.